The Last of Us Remake Is Coming This Holiday!

A developer's resume confirms the existence of The Last of Us remake. Let's check out all the details.

You know where most of the industry's biggest secrets are revealed? No, not Twitter or 4Chan or Reddit. LinkedIn. You read that right. Bloody LinkedIn. Because developers need to show what they've been working on, they post all kinds of stuff on their resumes. This has led to leaks for decades, and will continue to do so. We got another one of those sweet thangs right here... let's check it out!

The Last of Us Remake Is Coming

[Update May 18]

Industry insider Jeff Grub has confirmed that the Last of Us remake is coming this holiday. He mentioned it during this video, 41 minutes in:

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It has now been basically confirmed, that Naughty Dog is working on a remake of The Last of Us. We had many rumors and reports pointing to a remake of the PlayStation classic, but now we got a clear bit of evidence. Reddit user u/DionLord found this hint via – yes, you guessed it – LinkedIn.

Corey Hong worked at Naughty Dog as Localization Quality Assurance Tester and Development Support and in his resume, he reveals that Naughty Dog is working on a big, yet unannounced remake:

QA testing and development support + Level Point of Contact for unannounced remake project

So yeah, there you have it. An "unannounced remake project" is in development at Naughty Dog. Of course, it doesn't say "Yes baby, I worked on The Last of Us Remake awoouuu" or anything like that. This is still LinkedIn and you need to be classy and professional about some things. But come on... what else could it be?

So far, Naughty Dog working on a remake of The Last of Us, but we did see some very reliable leaks and insider reports. However, they're not gonna work on a new Jak & Dexter, are they? Sorry, I want that too, but that's the truth... so it has to be The Last of Us, we're 99% sure on that one. Now we just have to sit here, wait and hope for an announcement soon.