Valkyrae Reveals Dating App Woes

Valkyrae has revealed her biggest online dating woe, telling her fans all about why she gets so worried when using apps like Tinder.
Valkyrae dating app
I'm so sorry. | © Valkyrae / Tinder

Valkyrae has opened up about her dating app woes, revealing her biggest fear, and talking about what its like to open herself up to others online. Her comments on online dating open our eyes to the problem that many streamers and celebrities have finding their soul mate, and what the world of celebrity dating can really look like.

Her comments on online dating follow a few months of interesting developments for Valkyrae, with her revealing her greatest embarrassment and announcing YouTube's Gifted Memberships in just a single month. Valkyrae's experiences on dating apps like Tinder likely are indicative of what people in her situation have to go through if they want to find a partner.

The reluctance Valkyrae has to open up about her dating life during livestreams seems very natural, so we were surprised that she said what she said. This reluctance, though, is the core issue at the centre of what she talked about on May 30, saying that she is worried that people are going to "literally get on the dating apps to try and find [her]".

What is Valkyrae's Biggest Dating App Fear?

Valkyrae revealed that her biggest fear, and the reason why she doesn't talk about her dating up experiences publicly, is that she is worried people will try to find her on those platforms. During a stream on May 30, Valkyrae talked about the reasons behind her hesitancy:

I was hesitant to talk about my dating app experiences because now I’m worried that people are going to literally get on the dating apps to try and find me.

This actually seems like a pretty reasonable fear to have, considering how famous and recognisable Valkyrae is. When using an app like Tinder or something to find someone, often what people want is to develop a real connection and this is something that could be very hard for someone like Valkyrae, who would have to wade through the people who just want to date her because, well, she is who she is.

She did confirm, however, that the app in question is not Grindr, but refused to tell her viewers which app she is currently using for online dating. The popular streamer even shared a brief story about a "super cute" meet up she had with someone she had met online, but said that it hadn't worked out in the end. What a shame, Valkyrae, but good luck to you!