Velma Is Now Officially The Worst-Rated Animated Show Of All Time

You've all heard about Velma by now, the disastrous Scooby-Doo reboot that doesn't even feature the titular character. But what you might not know is that it's now the worst-rated animated TV show in IMDB's history. Hooray!

Velma Worst Rated show ever
Jinkies! Everyone hates the new Velma show. | © HBO

Long-before Velma was released the "go woke, go broke" brigade were complaining about the show. Now we're not saying we agree with those folks (we're not even sure if it's truly woke), but they were damn right about one thing: the show was a massive flop.

Immediately upon release it was being attacked from all sides. The right were saying it was needlessly progressive and changing the original too much, while many on the left were concerned about the showrunner Mindy Kaling, who some have accused of being transphobic. But even with that kind of reception, we didn't expect the show to be rated this poorly...

Velma Is Now The Worst-Rated Animated Show On IMDB

HBO's Velma now has a 1.3 out of 10 rating on IMDB, which makes it the worst animated TV show in history. It would take far too long to go into all the various criticisms, but put simply, viewers found it unfunny, uncompelling, and insulting to the source material.

Here is currently the "most helpful" review of the show:

Like another HBO Max show, Harley Quinn, Velma is full of edgy and fourth wall breaking humor. Unlike that show, Velma seemingly holds nothing but contempt for its source material. Not one character behaves anything like you'd expect, and none of them are enjoyable to watch. Daphne is vapid and mean, Fred is a rich douchebag, and Shaggy is a bore. Velma herself comes across as Mindy Kaling's self-insert Scooby Doo fanfic character. She is the coolest, smartest, and funniest person in the room at any given time and multiple characters want to have sex with her. Everyone else is a loser. It's more sad than it is funny.

And yet, despite this kind of backlash, Velma has somehow been commissioned for a second series. It must have so many hate-watchers that it's actually become a success.

If anything, we're starting to believe the emerging conspiracy theory that Velma was deliberately made to offend audiences and create as much publicity as possible. Even if that publicity is negative.

Will you be tuning in for the second series? Or are you too obsessed with the TV Series of the Year to care about Velma?

Why did they make Velma when they could have focused on one of these: