What is Post Malone's Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

Post Malone has taken to Hot Ones in a spicy interview which revealed his deep love for video games, and more specifically, his favorite gaming soundtrack...
Post malone video game soundtrack
No, it's not God of War. This is just a funny picture. | © Sony Interactive Entertainment / Hot Ones

Post Malone is known for his wacky opinions, love of video games, and fun-as-hell personality. Thus, when it was revealed that he was due to do another Hot Ones interview, we were keen to take a watch. After all, the idea of this crazy-as-fork rock star downing some spicy wings and shooting the s**t was truly alluring. Perhaps even more alluring than the dude's ripped abs in this article's thumbnail.

We don't typically talk much about Post Malone on EarlyGame, our last article on him was back when he did a virtual Pokémon Concert with Katy Perry in 2021, but that is a tad of a shame. I mean, after all, this is a guy who loves video games, music, and a whole lot of cool stuff that would take a long time to list. I don't have that much time, so I won't list his collection of eccentric interests here. Just believe me, okay, I wouldn't lie to you.

It was on this highly anticipated Hot Ones episode, though, that good ol' Malone gave us a bit more of an insight into his gaming habits. What did he have to say? Well, he had quite a lot to say, thanks for asking! After being asked about music in video games, Post Malone went on a long rant about how important music is for gaming, and started rattling off fantastic gaming soundtracks.

Post Malone Reveals His Favorite Gaming Soundtracks

Speaking to Sean Evans on Hot Ones, Post Malone revealed that his favorite soundtracks include the likes of The Legend of Zelda and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Great choices, if you ask us, but that ain't all he said. In fact, the praises came thick and fast...

Have you played Elden Ring? Yeah, you should play it, you should play. It there are times in that game, I turn the music all the way off, because it is insane. It's literally like choirs [but] not of angels, of demons, and they're like "we're gonna [fork] you up". There's literally no way you live and after a fight I have to like, I'm like shaking and stuff and I need to go outside and smoke and stuff and be like "I need to decompress".

That's when Austin "Post Malone" Post jumped into his discussion of favorite gaming soundtracks, saying that many soundtracks are "timeless pieces that are super nostalgic". There's no denying that what Post Malone says is one hundred percent true, but his choice of Zelda and Skyrim as his favorites really hit home.

It's a great episode of Hot Ones, we would certainly recommend it. When Post Malone goes into his favorite gaming soundtracks and talks about how the score of Skyrim gave him "chills" we relate to those feels harder than Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. I mean, honestly, who can't deny, this guy just hit those facts squarely on their metaphorical heads.