World Cup Icon Fail in FIFA 23 – Are You Serious, EA?

Many players are upset about it, and they're absolutely right to be. Some of the World Cup Icons in FIFA 23 just look insanely bad. Once again, no one knows what EA is doing.

FIFA 23 Icon Fail
Some icons look incredibly bad in FIFA 23. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

What’s going on with EA again? As some tweets show, the new World Cup Icons look very special. Above all, however, they don’t look at all what they should look like, and that’s what annoys the players.

FIFA 23 World Cup Icons Fail: EA Shows Wrong Players

It doesn't really surprise us, does it? Once again, a point that EA fucks up. This time it's the beloved Icons in Ultimate Team. Some look like bots and others are just mixed up. So you may end up fielding World Cup icon Didier Drogba, who looks like Paolo Maldini. Quite a wild affair that EA is producing once again.

It has to be said that the rest of the players in Ultimate Team look excellent. So we are wondering why the Icons look like this. We can just hope that EA will fix the problem very quickly in the next patch and that our Icons will finally look the way they should.

As long as this isn't patched, we probably just have to live with Maldini that comes with Drogba Stats as our striker. TBF, could be worse, but it’s not perfect either. Well, that's EA.

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