Ronaldo Downgrade In FIFA 23: Lowest Rating For 16 Years

Cristiano Ronaldo has moved to Al-Nassr FC after a rather unusual goodbye in Manchester. The Portugese superstar just got a new rating in FIFA 23 – and it's the lowest one in 15 years!

FIFA 23 Ronaldo Downgrade 87 Al Nassr
Cristiano Ronaldo got a new rating in FIFA 23. It's the lowest in years... | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Cristiano Ronaldo has left European football and moved to Saudi Arabian first division club Al-Nassr in winter. It feels like relegation for the Portuguese star, who dominated the Champions League for years. And although he already scored a lot for his new club, EA downgraded him in FIFA 23 anyway – and gave CR7 the worst rating since FIFA 07!

Cristiano Ronaldo With Heavy Rating Downgrade In FIFA 23

First of all, all FUT tryhards can keep calm, as Ronaldo's rating of 90 OVR remains untouched in the online mode.

However, if you start a new career or want to compete offline in Kick-Off with Al-Nassr, you will find a CR7 with only 87 OVR. After he got his first downgrades even before he left Man United he ends up with 87 now...

Cristiano Ronaldo 87 OVR FIFA 23
The Al-Nassr squad in FIFA 23: Ronaldo now has only 87 OVR. | © EA Sports

Which also means that the last time Ronaldo was that "awful" was in FIFA 07.

At that time, EA adjusted their ratings down compared to the previous year. In FIFA 06 he still had a 91 OVR.

Ronaldo's Next FUT Rating In EA Sports FC

It is quite clear that Cristiano will get a new FUT card and rating in the next game from EA. In FIFA 23, his Flashback SBC will commemorate his great performances, so we do always have the memories at least.

It is no surprise however that CR7 will receive a huge downgrade for FUT in FIFA 24, sorry, EA Sports FC. Because even if the superstar will get Inform after Inform this year, it's guaranteed that we won't see him with a 90 OVR in FUT ever again.

An era is coming to an end... soon we will see Ronaldo as FUT Icon:

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