What's in the FIFA 22 Anime Bundle?

FIFA 22 features a plethora of fabulous cosmetics, but what's up with the Anime Mirai Bundle? What's included, and how much does it cost?
FIFA 22 Anime Mirai Bundle Ultimate Team
Wait, how much for the Anime Mirai Bundle, EA? | © EA Sports/Imago/EarlyGame

A new year, a new attempt to popularize cosmetic items in FIFA Ultimate Team. In FIFA 22, there is now a bundle called Mirai's Mecha Soul. What's behind the anime-style stuff, and what does it have to do with FUT, FIFA or soccer in general?

What is the Mirai's Mecha Soul Bundle in FIFA 22?

The Mirai Mecha Soul Bundle is a brand new anime set of cosmetics available in FIFA 22. You might be asking: "What the fork? Why would they do that?" Well, beats me, even after extensive research, I am still baffled. "Mirai" is not based on any comic book character, a cool anime narrative, or... anything relevant to anime. Nope! EA's greedy brains just thought "cosmetics, cosmetics, cosmetics, why not anime? Anime's popular!"

The Canadian publisher even made up a bogus backstory. Yes, it's lame, and yes, you really should brace yourself for some real cringe. Here's an excerpt from the bundle's description:

Mirai, a rookie pilot-engineer and her ancient mecha, Kako, faced the first Level XI Kaiju in history. When Mirai bravely defied the Kaiju, Kako became powered by the strength of her soul. Celebrate the legend of Mirai's Mecha Soul with exclusive customisation items in-store now for a limited time.

...Okay then? This seems a bit thrown together. Cosmetics in games is nothing new, but EA coming up with a spacey pilot to use as a FIFA cosmetic? That's just bizarre.

How to Get the FIFA 22 FUT Mirai's Mecha Soul Set

If you are in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Store, you will find the Mirai's Mecha Soul Bundle in the shop. Of course, you can also buy individual jerseys or the coat of arms, but in the bundle, you save coins if you want to get everything. The whole bundle costs 135,000 coins, or 1,500 FIFA Points, and consists of the following...

What's in the FIFA 22 FUT Mirai's Mecha Soul Set?

  • Mech-Style Home and Away Jerseys: 30,000 Coins or 350 Points each.
  • Mirai's Stadium Theme: 15,000 Coins or 175 Points.
  • Mirai's Mecha Soul Crest: 20,000 Coins or 225 Points.
  • Mirai's Mecha Soul XL Choreo: 12,000 Coins or 125 FIFA Points.
  • Mirai's Field Trophy: 36,000 Coins or 400 Points.
  • Mirai's Mecha Soul VIP Area: 45,000 Coins or 500 Points.

Should You Get the Mirai Mecha Anime Bundle in FIFA 22?

No, we really don't think that you should get the FIFA 22 FUT Mirai's Mecha Bundle. The idea behind this bundle is very easy to see through: of course, official collaborations will also be available in FIFA into the future. We know from the game Fortnite, which regularly features new skins and bundles that are based on collaborations, that this model works. Oh, and it works bloody well.

Imagine that there was a different (perhaps slightly more awesome) bundle for FUT each and every week. That would be awesome, wouldn't it? You can spend plenty of coins, invest more time in the game, and give Electronic Arts more and more and more of your hard-earned money. Wouldn't that be the dream?

Okay, you've probably picked up on my sarcasm by this point, but let me emphasize this to you once again: 1500 FIFA Points is like $15 USD. So, if you are seriously going to buy this overpriced bundle, you will teach EA a dangerous lesson: We are totally cool with overly-priced, random cosmetics, in FIFA.

Don't get me wrong, I'd totally be keen on an official Batman Bundle with some awesome jerseys or... what do I know, a cooperation with actual anime characters? That would be nice! But this? What the fork is this?

FIFA 22 Anime Mirai Bundle FUT Ultimate Team Shop
Please don't buy me: The Mirai Anime Bundle in FUT. | © EA SPORTS

Sorry EA: You just can't be serious about charging so much for this nonsense. Seriously, your efforts would be better spent fixing the keepers, or seeing that the servers remain stable. Bloody hell, we deserve an apology for this crap! People will buy the Mirai Mecha Anime Bundle anyway, though. I can already see the first person walking around with these ridiculous cosmetics, and I'm cringing hard.

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This article was originally written by Lukas Scherbaum.