The Best Ligue 1 Team in FUT

We have created two teams for you, a strong Ligue 1 starter team and an even more blatant team from the French league. Let's take a look.
Ligue 1 OP FIFA 22 FUT
Who made it into the two teams? | © Kicker

Ligue 1 is an attractive league for FIFA 22 Ultimate Teams this year. We have already shown you the highest rated players from the league. Today, we talk about the best Ligue 1 teams in FIFA 22.

The Best Ligue 1 Team in FUT

Let's start with the starter team. Many of you probably don't have more than 50-100k in your account yet, but you can change that with good results in Division Rivals and the Weekend League. Let's take a look at the team:

Ligue 1 starter team
The French league is damn nice for a starter team! | © FUTBIN

This team only costs 50k! And it really is a solid starting XI. We definitely recommend a purchase, with this Ligue 1 team, you can play Division Rivals and Weekend League, improve your skills and, above all, generate coins. It doesn't get any better than that. The full backs (for 2k!) are strong, Denayer is the head of defense. Diallo is not as good as the Belgian, but you can change that if you put Shadow on him.

On CM, we have an all-rounder with Fofana that is available for 10k. You should definitely buy him. Aouar with his offensive drive is good for the team. We still know Bamba from FIFA 21, his POTM card was outstanding... and Gelson Martins? He has reached the magical limit of 8 stars, and with 5-star skills, he attracts even more attention. So, the wings will do their job well in this team. Well, Boadu is not world-class, but at least the Dutchman has the speed that Ben Yedder's missing. Therefore, the duo complements each other perfectly, and you can win many games with this team!

Ligue 1 OP Pro Team Messi Neymar Mbappe
This will make every opponent desperate! | © FUTBIN

Hakimi is the best RB in the game, this team has to be with the Moroccan. His OTW card can also be worthwhile, because he scores very often. Kamara on LB is the weak point that we ignore. Other than that, the defense is perfect. We would have preferred to see Wijnaldum at Barça, but his PSG card is worth it in midfield.

Now... the offense. The best attack in FIFA 22. We'd let Messi play on CAM because there he's the best player in the game. The Pelé Heroe card is so popular with the FIFA community that you will have to work hard to get it. But if you're lucky: This card will change your game. We don't have to say much more about the Neymar-Mbappé combination - just world-class!

Unfortunately the team costs 5 million coins. We are only 4.9 million coins away from that - so we are on the right track. So for us, it will first be the starter team. And to be honest, they are also fun.

Don’t neglect your starter teams.

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