FIFA 22 Defy The Norm SBC: Cheapest Solution

The content in FIFA 22 is slowly picking up. We're only a few weeks away from Black Friday, which is always awesome. With the new Defy The Norm SBC, EA delivers something especially for players who are short of money. Let's take a closer look at this challenge!

Defy the Norm
Are you broke like me? Then it's perfect. | © Sportskeeda

Remember when we questioned the content of FIFA 22 a few weeks ago? Well, at that time, a large part of the community was also very divided, but now Publisher EA has brought a lot of good stuff into the game. EA Sports, it's in the game. Among other things, the great League Players are back, and even our Italian friends have already had a really nice Rulebreakers SBC. It's almost like the Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Perfection.

For each of the special objects listed above, you need either time or money. For people who don't have either... Well, then it's a perfect match. With the Defy the Norm SBC, you can grab a 25k pack, and you nearly have to do absolutely nothing.

FIFA 22 Defy the Norm SBC: All Challenges

Okay, 'all challenges' is not necessarily correct, because you only have to complete one simple task. The team you have to send in will only cost you about 4k coins, thanks to the crashed transfer market. As a reward, you'll get a rare gold pack. You probably won't get the actual pack value of 25k coins without a bit of luck, but with 12 rare gold objects, you should definitely get more than 4k. This is what the team you have to build looks like:

Defy the norm sbc
4k coins. Easy game! | © EA Sports

Please note that the Rare Gold Pack is exchangeable. So if you draw the best hero card in FIFA 22, for example, you have played through FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. It's that simple, my friend.