Not Bellingham or Pedri – This Is The Best Future Stars Player In FIFA 22

With the Future Stars promo in FIFA 22 some pretty awesome cards have come to Ultimate Team. But which one is the best?

Beste FS Spieler FIFA 22
How are you getting the most out of your coins? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Okay guys and gals, how do you define whether a player is good or not in FIFA 22? Sure, you could just look at the stats – but then the Future Stars promo has produced quite a few candidates. The price-performance ratio should never be ignored. Oh yes, and then the player must also feel good in-game.

In our opinion the best Future Stars player in FIFA 22 combines these 3 elements like no one else... you could say he is (almost) the poster boy of Ultimate Team. But all jokes aside, here is the absolute meta player!

FIFA 22: Damsgaard is incredibly strong

Let's get straight to the point... we're talking about Mikkel Damsgaard. Who? What? Why? "EarlyGame, he doesn't cost a million coins and he doesn't play in the Premier League, blah, blah, blah"... he doesn't have to do either of those things. He is still the best Future Stars player in FIFA 22... just watch this video:

Future stars Mikkel Damsgaard is OUTRAGEOUS... from FIFA

Looks pretty impressive already... Damsgaard even got past Presnel Kimpembe just like that – it almost doesn't get better than that. By the way, Kimpembe is supposed to get a Road to the Final card, RIP. But back to the topic.

I saw the video while at work (sorry, boss), went home and bought him for what was then still 66,000 coins. And oh boy, he is just so much fun! He has everything you want from a meta winger in FIFA 22. Currently he costs less than 50K coins, so buy him fast!
Damsgaard Stats
95 Agility & Balance feels so good ingame. | © Futbin

Just have a look at these stats! Damsgaard simply delivers on the important stats. 95 Agility and balance is just so noticeable on the pitch – no idea how often the boy has already bugged his way through the opponents with us. Like I said, strong recommendation and with a current price of around 48K coins you can not go wrong.