Trading Tip: Most Expensive Non-Rare Gold Players In FUT

In FIFA Ultimate Team coins are extremely important to build your Weekend League dream team. We'll show you the 5 most expensive non-rare gold players that you'd better not discard.
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Only noobs discard these players. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Probably everybody knows that Icons, TOTYs, or the best of the best Future Stars in FIFA 22 can get you a ton of coins if you manage to find them. These aren't the only cards you should look out for, though, there are also a lot of non-rare gold players that are worth keeping.

If you don't want to spend money on FIFA Ultimate Team, it's important to follow some trading tips. This includes offering non-rare gold players on the transfer market to get some extra value out of them. After all, every coin matters...

FIFA 22: Most Expensive Gold Non-Rare Players In FUT

Their stats aren't very strong, they don't fit into any Weekend League meta-team and sometimes you don't even know their names. Despite all of that, gold non-rare players can be worth a lot in FIFA 22 and provide you with the coins for other investments.

Players who don't play in their own country can often be sold for a lot of coins, as they are very popular for some SBCs. Of course, there are strong price fluctuations in Ultimate Team throughout the FIFA year, which is why we update this article regularly. So, let's not keep you waiting any longer: Here are 5 of the currently most expensive non-rare gold players in FUT!

5. Sebastián Blanco In FIFA 22

Let's start with Sebastián Blanco, who is currently worth about 6,000 coins. The Argentine plays in Major League Soccer and is therefore perfect for SBCs where you need different leagues from a single nation. The price might also fluctuate in the future, but it will always stay at a decent level.

Stats Preis Blanco
Blanco leaves no blank space in your FUT account. | © Futbin

4. Giovanni Moreno In FIFA 22

Giovanni Moreno is a Colombian striker in the Chinese Super League and –more importantly – he's really expensive at the moment, especially on PlayStation. You'd better remember his name or face so that you don't accidentally discard him and lose several thousand coins.

Stats Preis Moreno
It's all about the money, money, money... | © Futbin

3. Steven Nzonzi In FIFA 22

Steven Nzonzi's time in FUT is over – with 40 pace and without a fantastic Special Card he just doesn't fit into the fast-paced meta anymore. Nevertheless, he is not completely useless in FIFA 22 – his price has risen constantly over the past few weeks and has reached a staggering 17,000 coins on Xbox. Quickly put him on your transfer list before his value drops.

Stats Preis Nzonzi
I could probably outrun him. | © Futbin

2. Luis Romo In FIFA 22

Luis Romo is currently the second most expensive non-rare gold player in FIFA 22. Why? The Mexican plays in the first Mexican league, so it's not because of SBCs this time. Probably because he is so popular in the community and is considered to be underrated... but we're guessing here.

Stats Preis Romo
Why is he so expensive, though? | © Futbin

1. Fransérgio Rodrigues Barbosa In FIFA 22

Fransérgio Rodrigues Barbosa is by far the most expensive non-rare gold player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – and not just recently. The Brazilian plays for Bordeaux in Ligue 1, has a decent rating of 78 and is extremely rare. His price could exceed 10,000 coins as long as isn't fixed by EA.

Stats Preis Fransergio
What do you think? | © Futbin

Of course, there are many other non-rare gold players whose market value is significantly higher than the discard price. If you don't recognize a player's club or league directly, you should rather look twice. After all, there's nothing worse than losing coins unnecessarily.