The Top 5 Most Expensive Players In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The best players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cost a lot of coins. But which cards are the most expensive this year? Here are the five most expensive FUT players.
FIFA 22 teuerste Spieler Update
It's about the price tag. Not their hairstyles. Fortunately. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

When you're looking for the most expensive players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you're going to end up with a list of icons. But what else did you expect? We already made a list about all the icons in FIFA 22. And just recently the Prime Icon Moments also dropped so, thanks, EA, I guess? Well, to get back to our main topic today, who are the most expensive players in FIFA 22?

We probably can't afford them anyway... Even with the best packs in FUT, that's just impossible.

FIFA 22: The Most Expensive Players in Ultimate Team

They are by far the best players in FIFA 22, there is no other opinion possible. Have you ever played a team that had three or four icons? It's just sick how the players seem to always make the right decisions, score from every inch of the pitch and win all tackles. So here they are: The most expensive players in FUT 22!

5. Ronaldo (R9) in FIFA 22

No surprise that R9 (once again) is amongst the most expensive players in FIFA. You just have to spend about 7.5 million coins – easy . If you're lucky enough to pack him, you'll easily manage to reach rank 1 in the Weekend League. Trust us. We don't really have to talk about his stats, just see for yourself.

Ronaldo Platz 5
El Fenomeno. | © FUTBIN

4. Zinedine Zidane in FIFA 22

With Zinedine Zidane in your FUT team, you can't go wrong. The French Ballon d'Or winner has been one of the best players you can use in your midfield for a couple of years now. Accordingly, his price is high, and he is still one of the most expensive players in FIFA 22...

Zidane Platz 4
If you have too much coins... just give them to me, alright? | © FUTBIN

3. Eusébio in FIFA 22

An absolute banger in FIFA 20, in FIFA 21, he vanished. How awesome is he this year? Well, look at his price tag. 8.5 million coins. By the way, this is his Prime Icon Moments, it's by far his best icon – even though his Baby Icon card fit the FIFA 22 meta pretty well, too. If you can't afford his Icon Moments, just go for this one instead. We keep our fingers crossed that you will never have to face this super striker.

Eusebio Platz 3
It's getting hot in here... | © FUTBIN

2. Ferenc Puskás in FIFA 22

Somewhat surprisingly, Ferenc Puskás appears in this list, as the striker is usually not one of the most popular icons in Ultimate Team. However, with his Icon Moments version, his price has really shot through the roof lately – after all, he's also received one hell of an upgrade. Here are his new stats:

Puskas Platz 2
No comment... | © FUTBIN

1. Pelé in FIFA 22

Pelé makes it to the first place of the most expensive player in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – kind of obvious with his Prime Icon Moments version. It really would be strange if he was any cheaper; the Brazilian legend has 5-star skills, 4-star weak foot, 96 pace, what feels like 99 shots... every single one of his offensive stats is just insane.

Pele Platz 1
Some decent stats. | © FUTBIN

To be able to afford one of these players at all, you'll either have to spend loads and loads of money or know how to get a huge amount of coins in FIFA 22. Luckily, we have some free trading tips & tricks for you!