With El Clásico: New Marquee Matchups SBC in Ultimate Team

Every week, we get a new Marquee Matchups SBC. Four matches, four teams – five rewards. We show you how you can complete one of the most popular SBC in the game!

Benzema fifa 22
Even Benzema can't understand EA's decision. | © Daily Sabah

First of all: Who cares about LaLiga? Nobody wants to watch the Clasico anyway. Since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid 3 years ago, the derby between the Galacticos and Barcelona is just some random match with a few good players. The other ones are just some hyped teenagers with insanely high release clauses. But enough hating, we are here for the SBCs. Somehow, EA Sports thought that it would be a good idea to give us a Clasico SBC instead of a Liverpool vs Manchester United SBC. Do they know anything about football?

New Marquee Matchups SBCs in Ultimate Team

As always, you get a pack for each of the four teams. Once you've sent off all the teams, you'll get a fifth reward. This time, a rare Electrum player pack awaits you. So, is the SBC worth it? Definitely! For just 20k, you get some sweet packs. However, if you play on PS4, we advise you to use the web app, otherwise it will lag too much in the menu.

Back to the SBC. Some people would say that 4 top games are awaiting us. I say these are four random and average games. But it's worth it. We already mentioned in our SBC guide that you should aim for these challenges, because you can generate some serious income with them.

Here are the cheapest solutions for every challenge in the Marquee Matchups:

  • Ajax - PSV: Eredivise: Min. 2 players from the league, max. 6 different clubs, min. 3 players from the same league, min. 1 rare player, min. silver cards, min. 70 chemistry, Reward: Mixed Players Pack
The first match. | © EA Sports
  • OGC Nizza - OL: Ligue 1: Min. 2 players, players from the same nation: Min. 4, Gold: Min. 3 players, Rare: Min. 2 players, min. 70 OVR, min. 75 chemistry, Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack
Ligue 1 SBC
Oh, the farmer league and top games? Can't imagine that. | © EA Sports
  • Roma FC - Neapel: Roma FC: Min. 1 player, SSC Neapel: Min. 1 player, players from the same club: Max. 3, Gold: Min. 5 players, min. 72 OVR, min. 80 chemistry, Reward: Prime Gold Players Pack
Top Partien SBC 3
Ah, the guys who lost 6-1 to a norwegian side. What a top game. | © EA Sports
  • Barcelona - Real Madrid: Barcelona: Min. 1 player, Real Madrid: Min. 1 player, Countries: Min. 5, Rare: Min. 2 players, min. 75 OVR, min. 85 chemistry, Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Real Madrid Barcelona
No Manchester United. No Liverpool. Lame. | © EA Sports

You have to pay 20k for the whole SBC. After you sent in all four teams, you'll get a Rare Electrum Players Pack. With these rewards you might get the players you need for Division Rivals and the Weekend League.

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