Most Annoying FIFA Opponents To Play Against

No matter what Online Mode you're in, there are opponents who get on your nerves for 90 minutes straight. I don't mean their skill, though. Instead, it's their arrogant, provocative and annoying behavior. We show you the worst FIFA opponents you can meet in FUT.

FIFA 22 nervigsten annoying player spieler fut
One of the most triggering goal celebrations there is... | © EA Sports

Corner flag, shielding the ball, playing for time, possession, defending with 10 men inside the box... these are just a few of the most annoying and provocative traits of online opponent in FIFA 22. But knowing the FIFA community, there are quite a lot of them who do this sh*t all the time. Let's take a look at the worst ones...

3 Most Annoying FIFA Opponents You Can Face

When do you meet this type of player the most? Of course, in the Weekend League. Actually, it's always where everything is at stake, when it's a tight match or when the best rewards are up for grabs. But maybe also on the couch next to you? There are supposed to be kick off players to whom the word 'friendship' means nothing while playing FIFA. Seriously, some of them even defend free kicks with an extra player on the goal line.

3. Defending The Box With 10 Players

Drop Back is the tactic we are talking about here. The opponent leads 1:0, and suddenly he is inside the penalty area defending with 10 players - out of nowhere, like Randy Orton! That not only destroys the entire flow of the game, but is also damn cowardly. For real, it's like the opponent admits "No, I don't want to score another goal, I don't want to have fun, I just need this win!

Facing this opponent, you can be sure that he will act like Billy Joel and hold the ball with the goalkeeper for the longest time - until the bitter end. What can you do against such players? Easier said than done, but stay calm! If you get angry and don't defend the counterattacks properly, then it's GG for your opponent.

2. Celebrations and Provocative Behavior

It's just so exhausting when the guy cheers after every goal and provokes you throughout the whole match. The worst thing is that he often achieves exactly what he wants: a broken controller. You can skip the celebration after a certain point this year, but being provoked for no reason is simply unnecessary.

This kind of player also fakes the throw-in three times in a row (comedy 100 indeed) and does unnecessary skills when in the lead, which then work out randomly anyway. Well, at least the goal celebrations in FIFA 22 aren't quite as triggering as in recent years... although there is a certain new one and... well, just look at it.

1. Playing for Time, Possession and Corner Flag Hustlers

Let's get to the untouchable number 1. It's an absolute behemoth of a task not to destroy the controller when the opponent plays for time from the 40th minute onwards - and you can't do anything about it! Constant pressure all the time exhausts your player's stamina quickly, and you are open at the back. Well, and if the annoying player is just a tad bit skilled, he can easily play possession without losing the ball.

Of course, he holds the ball forever with his keeper and when he's through, he goes straight for the corner flag. The trigger potential here is immensely high, especially a strong finish in the Weekend League is on the line. Unfortunately, we can't tell you anything else than: Keep calm, keep the pressure going and substitute a good super sub. And then, obviously, we hope that he won't be rewarded for it....

And yes, there are still one or two things we really don't like about FIFA 22...