Prime Icons in FIFA 22 finally dropping soon [Update]

Icons are among the most popular Players in FIFA. They used to be exclusive, but now you can play with them on every platform. But, when will the Prime Icons finally drop in FIFA 22?
Prime Icon Header
EA, it's already December again. When can we expect the Prime Icons? | © EA Sports

What will happen after the TOTGS Event in FIFA 22? Will it be the Freeze Cards, will a completely new event drop, or will the Prime Icons finally come into the game? After all, everybody loves Icons. Having a legend in the squad means one thing: new possibilities for creative teams.

Okay, you can also play the Icons in FIFA only for their sick stats. Talking about stats, you probably know that there are four different versions of these legendary players in FIFA 22:

  • Base Icon
  • Mid Icon
  • Prime Icon
  • Icon-Moments

Base and Mid Icons have been in the game since the beginning, the over-the-top strong Icon Moments won't come until 2022, so that leaves the Prime versions... when are they actually coming?

[Update] Prime Icons Official Release Date

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag and, as is often the case, a loading screen confirms the soon-ish release of the Prime Icons. Soon-ish? Yep, because the even more powerful legends will already show up in FIFA 22 on Saturday, December 18th. Here, if you don't believe us:

Prime icons on Saturday from FIFA

Why exactly is EA trying to tease the Icons? The stats of the legends are well known, we even listed them all in one article. Anyway, with the Icon Swaps and the new Winter Wildcards Event, there's a lot going on this week...

When will the Prime Icons in FIFA 22 drop?

We don't know exactly yet. Publisher EA has not yet given a concrete date. But there is much to suggest that we won't have to wait much longer for the more powerful versions of the popular legends. Check out this Reddit Post right here:

PC title update 3.1 coming soon! Prime icons otw soon from FIFA

Title Updates are nothing unusual, FIFA 22 already had its fair share of them due to some major problems. Title Update 3.1 will implement the item assets into the game for the PC, and after an update they will be available. Is this ominous update coming soon, maybe even this week?

May as well be. Why? Well, let's rewind the clocks back a year. For FIFA 21, the Prime Icons were finally released on December 11th 2020. So the time would fit almost to the day. By the way, the popular Icon Swaps in FIFA 21 were released at the same time as the Prime Icons. For this year, however, rumors point towards a later release date...

The Best Prime Icons

Every year the pool of legends in FIFA gets bigger and bigger. In FIFA 22, a total of 105! Icons are represented in the game. So much to choose from... it's almost overwhelming. If you want to get a better overview, we have listed the playable icons here.

Prime Icons FIFA 21
Wow! That's a lot of decent Prime Icons in FIFA 21... | © EA Sports

Of course, not every Prime Icon automatically gets FIFA players HYPED. There are always a few black sheep, but there are also numerous highlights. As you can see in the picture, the Prime Icon release in FIFA 21 has brought some bangers into the game. Pele, R9, Gullit, Henry, Eusebio... the list of absolute meta cards is long.

As soon as these versions also get released for FIFA 22, you can expect similar bangers. Perhaps some of the new legends - Prime Wayne Rooney - will come into the game.

What do you think: Are the Prime Icons in FIFA 22 coming soon, or do we have to wait a bit longer? And more importantly... How will the release affect the shaky transfer market?

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