FIFA 22: New FUT Retro Kits

EA drops new kits for Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. However, these are not modern kits, but cool pieces with a retro design. We show you the 24 new retro jerseys for 12 clubs and national teams in FUT.
Retro Kits Trikots FIFA 22 FUT
Retro Kits for Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame /

The FIFA year is slowly approaching its final phase. Many promos and events have already taken place in FUT. It's always nice not only to grind for new players for your own Ultimate Team, but also to get new kits.

Often enough cosmetic stuff is just unnecessary in FUT. But these retro shirts look really nice. Can't hate this addition. EA has announced 24 new jerseys for 12 different teams.

We show you which clubs get a retro shirt and how you can get them in FUT.

Can our previous kit highlights in FIFA 22 still keep up with these retro jerseys? Check them out:

FIFA 22 FUT: All Clubs And Their New Retro Kits

The time span of the retro kits ranges from 1921 to 2007 and thus represents a broad historical spectrum of different highlights from the football world. Here you can see all clubs and national teams that get a retro jersey:

  • Liverpool ’82 Retro
  • Man City ’69 Retro
  • Spurs ’61 Retro
  • PSG ’89 Retro
  • Leeds ’92 Retro
  • Inter Centenario Retro
  • AC Milan ‘96 Retro
  • Dortmund ’76 Retro
  • Real Madrid ‘07 Retro
  • U. Católica ‘60s Retro
  • Portugal 1921 Retro
  • Benfica ‘61 Retro

You can take a look at them on the EA website.

How Do I Get Retro Jerseys In FUT?

The retro kits are available in the FUT store and cost 25,000 coins each.

Maybe EA is generous and will bring a few SBCs for the historical outfits soon. There are also some for the international matchups.

FIFA 22 Retro Kits Trikots
Will you be wearing these in FUT soon? | © EA Sports / footyheadliners

They look pretty awesome. We want them all! The kits are available until May 1st... is there a FUT retro event waiting for us afterwards? We stay on the ball for you!