Ultimate Team Season 2: These Are The Changes

Season 2 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has started! We got a new Season Pass, a more difficult Weekend League qualification and the Division Rivals milestone rewards got changed as well. We'll show you everything we know about the new season.
Fifa 22 season 2 season pass division rivals weekend league quali fut
I mean... Who has that much time? | © EA Sports

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Season 1 is over. On November 11th, 9:00 am, the start of Season 2 was announced. But what are the changes? A new Season Pass was introduced to the game, the Weekend League qualification will be (even) more difficult, and you should also take a look at Division Rivals. Why? We'll show you everything about the changes now!

Weekend League Qualification: Season 2 Changes

Let's start with the most popular mode and the least popular change: The Weekend League points. This is probably the most controversial change in the new season. In order to qualify for the play-offs, you need 2,000 qualification points from now on. This means that you have to spend even more time on Division Rivals. Thank you very much, EA. I really appreciate your fantastic work.

Of course, you might have the skill to get these 2,000 points, but the fact that you have to invest even more of your precious lifetime is just uncool. The qualification points and tokens from the first season will be taken over, but your progress in the current play-offs was reset on Thursday, November 11th at 9 a.m. And once again: Thank you very much, EA. I really appreciate your fantastic work.

Division Rivals: Milestone Rewards and Relegation

In Division Rivals, there are some changes as well. We still get our beloved Milestone Rewards. As you might know, the rewards in FIFA 22 are actually pretty sick, so you really should aim for fulfilling the requirements! What are Milestone Rewards about? There are three levels: 20 completed Rivals games, 50 and 90 games. Depending on how many matches you have completed and which division you play in, you will receive rewards of different levels each season.

So if you are playing in a high division, you have a good chance to get another decent pack. The rewards got improved for Season 2 as well, which makes the mode even more attractive. But we already mentioned why you should play Division Rivals.

Let's come to a more difficult topic... the forced relegation. Yeah, you heard that right. Due to the new Season, your progress gets a reset. But how big your reset will be, depends on your division.

  • Players in Division 6 and higher go down by 2 Divisions.
  • Players in Division 7 and 8 go down by 1 Division.
  • Players in Division 9 and 10 won't face any relegation. Obviously.

Season 2 in FUT Begins: What Changed?

The Season Pass has been filled with new rewards, players and items. That's reason enough to dive into the various modes and collect a lot of XP. Don't forget that friendly games or squad battles can also help you to level up properly.

The players and packs can help you to improve your team – some players for the SBCs are also welcome. For the current challenges, you'll need some higher rated players. But are the changes really worth it? Well, we have to play more and probably also sweat more. And we might smash more controllers. In the end, everyone has to make their own decision. But one thing is for sure: Not every player will have time for such a damn long qualification. Damn you, EA!