The Top 5 Challenges For FIFA 22 Career Mode

If you start into career mode in FIFA 22, you need some bangers of challenges. We have put together the top five challenges in FIFA career mode for you!
FIFA 22 Chelsea Career Mode
Will Chelsea be your next destination? | © EA Sports

We also know that at a certain point the career mode repeats itself over and over again. New club, sell some players, get more talent into your squad. The talents then get an unrealistic amount of playing time because we know that they have so much potential. And in the end we just dominate our domestic competitions and whole Europe. But even if it's always the same game... you can make it a lot more difficult with the right adjustments.

We have thought about a few challenges and have summarized the most interesting ideas for the career mode here. From teenager squads to retiring players – everything is included here. And don't worry, we know what we're talking about. I'm just saying – triple with Valencia in the second season. GG.

The Best FIFA 22 Career Mode Challenges

No matter if transfer budget, youth academy or dream players – in career mode everyone can follow their sweetest dreams. Of course, the ratings are not entirely unimportant here, but through training and further development you can adapt to the meta over the course of the seasons. Who needs Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland or Eduardo Camavinga when you can rely on Jamal Musiala, Yousouffa Moukoko and Yusuf Demir?

But also these careers are boring after a few seasons. Often you start in clubs with a solid squad or an average budget, which gives you a clear head start. But we want to push you to your limits. Just imagine Dark Souls in FIFA. Ok, this comparison doesn't work. I mean, it's still FIFA. But the momentum will smash you even more often in career mode than in Ultimate Team. Trust me.

5. Longford Town And The Hunt For The Skill

Longford Town is officially the worst club in the game. The Irish first division team was rated with only half a star. If you look at the squad, you understand the reason for this – you hardly will find players between the ages of 22 and 38 there. Either the players are still teenagers or have one leg in the retirement home.

For the career mode, it should be challenging enough to keep things straight in this club. But we don't want to set the bar that low. Can you revive the club and take it to the top of the league?

4. Next Level Backstabbing

It always pains us to eliminate our own players during the World Cup... But change clubs within your own league and challenge them in the title fight? My heart... leave me here. I can't take this anymore.

Try to win the same league with five different clubs. As you probably know, the balance in career mode often shifts dramatically, so that makes your club selection exciting! And the fight against your former heroes always brings up some emotions. And to make it a little harder, you can only buy one player from your previous club. Otherwise it would be damn too easy.

3. A Good Preparation

It has probably happened enough times to you as well that you got blown out of your life by a certain player in the World Cup... Yes, I speak to you, Federico Zaracho! After that you . The challenge is less about my failure at the 2026 World Cup, but more about the pre-season tournaments.

You heard that right, my friend. Pre-season tournaments. Who cares about them? Boring, unnecessary and the players only get injured for some ridiculous prize money. You think that as well? Then I am glad to tell you that in this challenge you can only buy players from clubs that you competed against in the pre-season tournaments. Yes, I want to see you suffer.

2. New Club, Dead Ratings

The idea behind the Create Your Club mode is actually pretty nice. But the actual mode... is disappointing. Every logo just looks shitty, you can't identify with your club at all. You just feel like an investor who has made way too much money with his oil.

We give you the following challenge: Create a club with a 2 star rating and start in a top 5 league. Your budget is about 5 million. So either you get a few players on loan or you sign players who are free of charge. Have fun.

1. Stoke City Under 21

Start your career, get rid of some people and only start with players who are 21 or younger. That's the whole challenge. And if I can recommend a club to you... Take Stoke City. The Potters not only have a great stadium, but also have their own fan chants in FIFA. That makes the gaming experience even better. And with Tyrese Campbell you also have a real man of honor in your squad. He smashes everything. Can you make it to the top of Europe within four years?