Who Has The Best Card? FIFAe Personality Of The Year NikLugi Talks About TOTS

We chatted with the German FIFA pro Niklas Luginsland. He tells us what he thinks about the TOTS promo in FIFA 22, which teams have convinced him and which not – and most importantly, which "insane card" is his TOTS favorite.
NikLugi (mid) says his opinion about TOTS in FIFA 22. | © NikLugi via Instagram

With overwhelming success, NikLugi was voted FIFAe Personality of the Year 2021 in January. The content creator shares his opinion on the Team of the Season promo, which brings us the best cards in the game right now in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Finally, Streams Are More Fun Again – But Reward System Sucks

In addition to the best special versions with the highest stats yet, the TOTS also brings fresh enthusiasm to Ultimate Team. NikLugi's streamer colleagues can "create new account within two days and have a competitive team." After the FIFA year flattened out a little after the TOTY, the diversity in the teams is now back. "You see a lot of different cards because there were a lot of strong players in each TOTS Teams."

It's the diversity in the line-ups that makes FUT so interesting. It's much better to see varied teams with different cards than always the same 15 players. In addition, there are "many great players that you can get for free and SBCs for low prices – this is fun again." EA only failed to adjust the rewards accordingly for the rewards in the Weekend League. "You can pull the same cards with nine or eleven wins as with 16 wins. I think that's a shame. Even with 19 or 20 wins, I've seen rewards that were just ridiculous. If you manage to get a high rank, you should be rewarded accordingly."

With the Serie A as last one top 5 leagues in Europe, NikLugi has clear favorites among the TOTS players: "I actually think the Premier League a bit disappointing. Only Sadio Mané really is one of my favorites. LaLiga, on the other hand, was very cool because of Vinicius Jr. Karim Benzema, Luka Modrić, Pedri and Eder Militao – very good cards, no doubt."

He has liked the Bundesliga best so far, with "insane defenders and great midfielders" the team is "much better than in recent years." He is particularly enthusiastic about one Dortmund player.

UK Super Talent Becomes "Perfect Player" Thanks To TOTS

"For me, Jude Bellingham is currently the best midfielder in the game," says NikLugi, and continues: "He has exactly the player model that I like. I'm not a fan of N'Golo Kante, I need huge guys in midfield with a presence on the pitch. Bellingham has these long legs, is very agile, exactly my type. Plus, he can somehow pull of finesse shots, even though he doesn't even have the finesse shot trade. It's amazing."

He can even rely on Bellingham against other professionals: "When you play against good opponents, you score the most goals when you send a player into the penalty area and find him with a cross. This is something that Bellingham is also perfect for because he's quick and big enough to win aerial duels. A perfect player."

Overall, NikLugi rates the TOTS in FIFA 22 with "a 7.5 out of 10 – I'm actually having fun in the streams again." If EA had upgraded the rewards' system in the Weekend League, the rating would have been even higher.