Web App Will Be Taken Down Before FIFA 23 Launch

EA Sports has just announced that the popular FUT Web App will come to an end soon. Here you'll get to know everything you need.

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The FUT web app comes to an end soon | © EA Sports

What Happens To The Current Web App?

EA Sports has announced that the Web App won't continue as it is currently. The FUT 22 Web App will be taken offline due to maintenance and preparation works on September 16, 2022. Starting Friday, we'll have to start our consoles in order to complete the last SBCs or open some packs.

FIFA 23 Web App To Be Released

Don't worry, only five days later, on September 21, 2022, EA will give us the opportunity to manage our Ultimate Teams from anywhere, without having to start the console. On Wednesday the FUT 23 Web App will be released, and with that the next FIFA year will be initiated. Then it's your task to start off in the best way possible, so you can build a strong starter team. And who knows, maybe you're lucky and can count yourself to the few people who already pack one of the best players in the Foundation SBC packs.