The 5 Worst Ultimate Team Cards in FIFA 22

Bad, expensive or simply not meta – there are some players we wouldn't recommend you in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here are the players you shouldn't waste your coins for.

FIFA 22 Lewandowski FUT Schlecht Worst Bad WL
I have a bad feeling about this... | © t-online

Everyone has them... One or two favourite players you'd like to play with in FIFA as well. But Ultimate Team is another story. Another dimension. Best footballer of the world? Who cares! Sometimes you pay just for their name, sometimes they are just too expensive. We show you the five worst players for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The 5 Worst Ultimate Team Players in FIFA 22

As already mentioned, this is about the overall package. Price, stats, rating, in game performance... and there are quite a few players who suck more than the latest James Bond. So let's take a look at the first failure:

Robert Lewandowski

FIFA 22 Lewandowski
I am sorry, Lewa. I'm so sorry. | © FUTBIN

Lewandowski definitely belongs to this category. Think about how much he was hyped before the release: Great rating, great season... and then that? 77 Acceleration, 79 Passing – who wants such a card? But 40k is still quite fair for such a rating, we have already wrote about that the market is completely broke. But Lewy just can't impress in FIFA 22. Just pathetic, EA. Really.

Leroy Sané

Sané fifa 22
2 Stars Weak Foot... who cares? | © FUTBIN

When we talk about Leroy Sané, we don't criticize his ratings. They are fine, in fact, they are great. But 305k are just too much for him. Sure, RTTK cards get upgrades from time to time, but I really don't know, if it's worth it. And then there is his 2 stars weak foot. Nothing more to say. Sané deserves to be in this ranking, although I really love my homie.

If you want to take a look at the strongest Bundesliga players in FIFA 22... Here you go:

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes FIFA 22
Another player disappearing in the shadows of Ronaldo. | © FUTBIN

Dear customers, please listen: We are searching for the meta ratings of Bruno Fernandes. Did someone see them? I mean, why does he cost 70,000 coins? There is no way I would buy the Portuguese. Another prove that FIFA has nothing to do with actual football.

Erling Haaland

Haaland FIFA 22
At first glance he looks quite like the meta. | © FUTBIN

Erling Braut Haaland is the future of modern football. What does EA Sports think about that? Well, nothing! Obviously. Who comes up with these stats. 3 stars skills, 3 stars weak foot. Did they ever see him play? Haaland is a contender for the Ballon d'Or in the upcoming years, but EA Sports just massacre my boy like that. But I guess you have to be a coverstar and play in the French farmer league to get some good ratings. I really hope they get that fixed until FIFA 23... or EAFC23?

Paul Pogba

FIFA 22 Pogba Flop
Pogba's card is like his transfer. A flop. | © FUTBIN

63 Acceleration, 67 Balance, 65 Defending – which position is Pogba supposed to play? Everytime I play with Manchester United I feel like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer... I don't know where to put Paul Pogba in the starting XI. But he is one of the most played cards in the game. Why? He deserves to be in this ranking as well... Such a shame, Paul.

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