FIFA 23 Career Mode: Squad Update Makes Ronaldo A Free Agent

Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to al-Nasr FC doesn't just affect FUT 23. Fans of the FIFA 23 career mode can also rejoice, because the superstar is listed as a free player on the transfer market since the last squad update. CR7 has never been easier and cheaper to get.

CR7 FIFA 23 Karriere Free
GOAT for cheap: Cristiano Ronaldo is a free agent in the career mode of FIFA 23. | © EarlyGame

It's a completely new SIIUUUUUUUtuation for every football fan: Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer under contract with a top European team, but is enjoying his early retirement in the warm weather of Saudi Arabia.

His transfer to al-Nasr FC will not only result in a heavy rating downgrade in FUT, but will also have a huge impact on the FIFA 23 career mode. As a free agent, he can be transferred to almost any team – so, you can build your own dream squads a lot easier right now!

FIFA 23: Ronaldo Listed As Free Agent In Career Mode

A few years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was very likely to turn you down if you contacted him with the wrong club or offered him a ridiculously low salary. As a free player, almost every club in FIFA 23's career mode can afford him.

For example, another player on Reddit signed CR7 for a mere 29K salary and a signing bonus of just 100,000. SIIIIUUUUUUUUUUper duper deal, if you'd ask us. Even if the Portuguese is no longer one of the best players in the game, he still makes the starting XI for many clubs.

Cristiano Ronaldo is available as a free agent in the latest squad update. from FIFA

While he already got a farewell Flashback SBC in Ultimate Team, he's now the wet dream of many career mode enjoyers – especially if you're starting with a third division team or worse. Here are some of the best CR7 transfers in career mode:

  • Paris Saint-Germain due to the Messi-Ronaldo-connection (if not in RL, then at least in FIFA)
  • Real Madrid, together with Gareth Bale to reunite "BBC"
  • Sporting CP, because that's where we all wanted him to end up
  • your local childhood club, to see one of the GOATs in your own jersey

If you haven't started a career yet and usually wait until FUT is dead for the year, you might want to start earlier this time around. It may very well be that Ronaldo will be added to the al-Nasr FC squad with the next FIFA update – after which negotiations over a potential move will definitely be less SIIIUUUUUUUUUmple.

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