FIFA 23 Crashes After Title Update – EA Provides Fix

Title Update 12 was meant to fix some issues, but for some it crashed the entire game, and FIFA 23 could not be launched for multiple players. After EA wanted you to delete some of your friends, they've now provided a real fix with another Title Update.

Fifa 23 update bug
FIFA 23 can no longer be started after the latest update. | © EG / EA

FIFA 23 has a new title update, but when you start the game after completing the download on PlayStation 5, it crashes after you try to start the game.

If you have downloaded the update, you won't be able to play FIFA. At least if you've had more than 100 friends in your friend list.

FIFA 23 Crashes After Update

If you downloaded the update on PS5, you could not play FIFA 23 anymore. Some of us were still able to play normally, while others got kicked out of the menu shortly after starting FIFA or Ultimate Team. What happened?

EA released the Title Update 12 on May 10 and players with more than 100 friends couldn't play the game anymore. Their first "solution" to fix the bug was quite awful:

After New Update: FIFA 23 Won't Launch – How To Fix

As we said before, this time, it had nothing to do with your internet connection or with the FIFA servers – EA just messed up something in their update and crashed the game themselves.

That this happened on the last day of Premier League rewards in FUT Champs was obviously quite terrible for players who still wanted to play their final Champs matches.

If you download and install Title Update 12.1 you are able to play the game again. EA still owes us a Community TOTS compensation though...

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