FIFA 23: Dynamic Duo SBCs – W Or L?

The first Dynamic Duo SBCs are now available in FIFA 23. With them, we get two new special cards from the same club, we probably wouldn't play otherwise. Should you complete these cards?

FIFA 23 Dynamic Duo SBC
Dynamic Duos in FIFA 23: win or lose? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Right in the middle of the current Ones to Watch Promo, EA Sports decided to introduce a new card type into FUT 23. The first Dynamic Duo SBCs with Chancel Mbemba and Luis Javier Suárez from Olympique Marseille were released. We show you whether you should complete these SBCs and if they might even be a good option for the first Weekend League!

Dynamic Duos Explained

EA Sports has already released different Dynamic Duos in FIFA 22, and they all had one thing in common – their club. Dynamic Duos are two players from the same club which – at least until now – didn't get the special card based on their great performances. We can also only get them by completing their SBCs, which makes these cards rather rare, especially because many FIFA players won't spend their valuable coins for untradeable cards that early in the game. The advantage that these cards have, is that because of their club, they already get a chemistry point in the new chemistry system – assuming they both play in one of their preferred positions, obviously.

Taking A Closer Look

We already said that both players are from Olympique Marseille. At first glance, it's certainly not a club from which you have other cards in your squad... but let's take a closer look at those two.

Luis Javier Suárez

Luis Javier Suárez is a Colombian striker who can also play as a CF, CAM and LM if you apply a position change card to him. Suárez is 6'1", right footed, has 3* skill moves and 4* weak foot. His offensive work rate is high and his defensive medium. He is quick, has decent dribbling, a good physicality and solid passing and shooting stats for a striker. If you then go ahead and apply an architect chemistry style, he even changes his sprint style to lengthy, which is absolutely overpowered at this point in time.

Luis Javier Suarez Overview
Luis Javier Suárez at a glance | © Futbin

Chancel Mbemba

His Congolese teammate Chancel Mbemba is also quite quick for his position. The center back is 6'0" and although he is not the tallest, he can definitely impress with his defensive stats. His agility and balance are also decent for a center back this early in the new game, and his work rates being medium/high is literally perfect for a CB.

Chancel Mbemba Overview
Chancel Mbemba at a glance | © Futbin

Should You Complete These Two?

Both together, these two will only cost you around 55k coins. So not really expensive. In case you still have some untradeable players in your club, which you don't use in game and don't plan to use in another SBC, these cards get even cheaper. And if you complete both of them you also get a Premium Gold Pack. Yes, it's only a 7.5k Pack, but we have to mention it at some point, and we all have that one friend who is probably going to pack one of the new icons in it.

When it comes to actual gameplay, Suárez should do a great job because the other sick strikers like Nunez and Haaland have similar stats. The lengthy sprint type just does it... And also Mbemba looks like a great center back to us.

In the end, you have to decide. You only need two more Ligue 1 players and a Ligue 1 manager, and you have both Mbemba and Suárez on full chem. We will definitely try out both of them...

Will you complete this Dynamic Duo? In case you already have them, how do you like them?