FIFA 23: FGS Swaps – Collect Tokens For Rewards

The FIFA 23 Global Series is back this year, and as always, you get free Ultimate Team packs for watching! We'll tell you, how you can collect the FUT Birthday token and show all rewards you can get if you collect FGS tokens.

FGS Swaps in FIFA 23 | EarlyGame | EA Sports

The FUT Birthday Promo will soon be released with new Swaps. Luckily, there is another swaps' event until then– the FIFA 23 Global Series is already going into the next round on March 25th and 26th, and you once again have the opportunity to earn tokens for packs in the game.

FIFA 23 Global Series – Swap Tokens, Rewards And Streams

The FIFA Global Series (FGS) is just around the corner, and you can grab free packs for watching the event. The FGS is a tournament where the best FIFA players and eSports teams compete in order to become World Champion. You can follow the competitions of the pros in selected streams and get the FGS tokens.

We'll explain, what you have to do.

Connect Your EA And Twitch Account

First, you need to connect your EA account to your Twitch account. This ensures that the Twitch Drops you receive are also credited to your FUT account. It's very easy, you just have to log in to Twitch and activate it in the settings.

From now on, you can collect FGS tokens with every EA stream. Last year you earned a token by watching 60 minutes, this year is no different.

Once you have enough, you can exchange the tokens for SBCs
. There are four different ones, each with different rewards. You can find them in the SBC menu in FUT if you scroll all the way to the right side to Swaps.

Here's a quick rundown of the rewards you can expect:

SBCNumber Of Tokens
A11x Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable)
B21x Premium Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
C31x Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
D41x Jumbo Rare Players Pack (Untradeable)

As you can see, you can earn Rewards with the FIFA Global Series. The SBCs are damn easy to complete and in the end they don't cost you anything – except your time. Almost as easy as those Prime Gaming Rewards in FIFA 23.

How The FGS Event Works – Streams Schedule

You can just let the stream run alongside and do something else in the meantime. The SBCs are always repeatable as long as you have enough tokens for them! The cards are untradeable, but could still give you some nice SBC fodder for afterward.

As already mentioned, you get a token for 60 minutes of running time. But watch out! Even if you stream 120 minutes or more, you can only get one token per weekend. Language, channel or event doesn't matter – as long as it happens on the same weekend.

You can find upcoming FGS Streams on the EA Twitch channel.

Will you follow the FGS?

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