No Headliners In FIFA 23? Possible Release Date

The Headliners are traditionally the start of a new calendar year in FIFA. But in FIFA 23 we (still...?) miss the promo. We show you when the Headliners might be released in FIFA 23 and how the dynamic cards should work.

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When is the FIFA 23 Headliners Release Date? | © EarlyGame

RTTK, Ones to Watch, Path to Glory and soon Headliners... FIFA 23 already has a hell of a lot of dynamic special cards. Why? Because they are damn fun and the community likes them as well. The Headliners event has been an important part of FUT for a while and were supposed to be back again this year..

But due to the World Cup, the FIFA year in FUT is a little different from what we are used to. We show you when the Headliners could still come and how the upgrades could work.

FIFA 23 Headliners: Possible Release Date

Due to the World Cup in Qatar, even the event-schedule in FIFA 23 is pretty tight. The Headliners have always been the last event before the TOTY.

But since we unexpectedly got the Centurions this year, the Headliners could come after the Team of the Year in FIFA 23 at the earliest.

However, since the Future Stars come with two teams, we currently assume that the Headliners will be missing entirely and will not be included in FIFA 23.

Shame... the Headliners in FIFA 22 were pretty awesome:

Headliners Upgrades Explained

Usually, Headliners have multiple opportunities to earn upgrades throughout the season. In FIFA 22, their stats were improved when:

  • their club won 4 successive league games (one-time upgrade only)
  • they were nominated for TOTW or MOTM (more upgrades possible)

We assume that – if the cards are still coming – the ways to upgrade the Headliners will remain about the same in FUT 23.

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