Sad: Leak For New TOTW And POTM Upgrades In FIFA 23 Is False

Player upgrades for Player of the Month and Team of the Week cards have been the same old for a long time. First, we thought EA adds another twist to their upgrade system after adding Featured TOTW cards last year. But now we know: nope, we have to wait longer for a TOTW update.

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EA is not changing the upgrade system for POTMs and TOTWs | © EA Sports

Team of the Week and Player of the Month cards are there to recognize strong performances and give players certain upgrades. EA Sports has a system which says which players get which upgrade, based on their base card and their POTM/TOTW cards they already received. These upgrades boost their normal stats and their overall rating. Last year, they also added the Featured TOTW. This player gets a double upgrade, meaning he climbs two steps in EA's upgrade system.

New Team Of The Week Upgrades Are Not Implemented Yet In FIFA 23

The very well-known FIFA leaker FUTSheriff gave an insight on potential TOTW and POTM changes. He's almost always reliable when it comes to stuff like this...

But this time the leak was wrong. But the upgrades for 5 stars weak foot and skills would have been awesome. So, the TOTW in FIFA 23 will probably only remain attractive for a few weeks before the many upcoming events overwhelm us with better special cards.

We would have liked some TOTW innovations. Maybe EA will release something on this for the World Cup event. Like we said, most of the time, Sheriff doesn't leak anything without reason...

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