FIFA 23 Out of Position: New Special Cards To Be Released All Year!

Out of Position is a new event in FIFA 23, which we have never seen before – at least with this name. We explain to you how the event works, which new positions the players will get, and how the alternative positions work. On top of that, you can look forward to new OOP-cards the entire FUT-year.

FIFA 23 Out of Position Event
Out of Position is a new event coming to FIFA 23. Here are all the players with their positions. | © EarlyGame

So, Out of Position is yet another event, which continues the FIFA 23 promo calendar. The idea itself isn't really that creative and has been used multiple times in Ultimate Team, just with another name. Thanks to the new alternative positions every player in FUT 23 has, there are some new possibilities when it comes to team-building, though.

Here you'll get everything you need to know about the event, when new special cards will be released and which players are featured. Let's go!

Out of Position In FIFA 23 Explained

The concept behind Out of Position special cards is summarized really quicky: The featured players get a whole new position in FUT and leave their usual preferred one. Sounds intriguing at first, but we've seen it over and over again – let's think back to Shapeshifters from FIFA 22 or the Freeze event in FIFA 21. That's basically it.

Out of Position players don't get any dynamic cards, which can be upgraded later on. Also, the Ultimate Team rules won't be broken this time. There are a few Weak Foot or Skill Move Upgrades, but they are not the selling point of this promo.

Out of Position: Release Date

The full Out of Position team will be dropped on Friday, as usual. Release date was on October 28, 2022. We also got another mini release on the following Sunday.

Although we have to do without a second team of OOP players thanks to the FIFA 23 World Cup mode, we can still look forward to new cards on a regular basis. With an in-game announcement, EA Sports has confirmed that new Out of Position cards will be released throughout the FUT year. Big W, in our humble opinion. With up to three alternative positions, a hell of a lot of creative teams can be built.

Objectives And SBCs: New OOP-Players Release Dates

In this section, we will always keep you up to date when new Out of Position players are coming to FUT and how much time you have to complete them. Since there will be no second OOP team, all other special cards will be released as Objectives or Squad Building Challenges.


Mauro IcardiGalatasarayLW/LM/CAMSBC01/20/23
Oleksandr ZinchenkoArsenal CFCM/CDMSBC11/10/22
Ansu FatiFC BarcelonaST/CFSBC11/22/22

OOP Team 1 – New Positions For Salah, Cancelo & Co.

EA Sports obviously continue what they started with Road to the Knockouts: The upgrades the players get are ridiculous! And it really seems like they finally use the new system with their alternative positions...

Keep an eye on some leaked players that could be coming during the Mini-Release or as an SBC.

Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCST/CF/LW92
Joao CanceloManchester CityCM/CDM/RWB


Theo HernándezAC MilanLW/LM/RW/ST


Reece JamesChelsea FCRW/RM/ST88
FredManchester UnitedCF/LW/LM87
Ivan PerisicTottenham HotspurCAM/RW/RM/RB


Hamari TraoréStade RennesCDM/RM/RW


Domenico BerardiSassuolo CalcioCF/CM/ST/CAM


Seko FofanaRC LensCB/LB/CDM


Denzel DumfriesInter MilanCB/CDM


Lucas VazquezReal MadridCAM/CDM/CM


Noussair MazraouiFC Bayern MunichRM/RW


SusoFC SevillaCM/CAM/LW


Djibril SowEintracht FrankfurtRWB/RB/CB


Isaak TouréOMST/CF


FIFA 23 Out of position all players EA Sports
What's the weakest position in your squad right now? | © EA Sports