YouTubers Leak: FUT Draft Update Is Coming To FIFA 23

When talking about leaks, we have the usual suspects on Twitter who have provided us with tons of useful information. This time, though, two German YouTubers have teased an upcoming update for FUT Draft in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Draft Update coming soon
According to two German YouTubers we will soon get an update for FUT Draft. | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

The two German YouTubers, streamers, and content creators of TisiSchubech have posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat with an EA Sports employee on their Twitter account. The subject being talked about was none other than the implementation of the new chemistry system in the FUT Draft mode.

The Problem With FUT Draft

The two FIFA YouTubers, who belong among the biggest in the German-speaking scene, have released a video in which they criticize EA Sports. In this video, they mostly complain about how the new chemistry system affects FUT Draft.

The new chemistry system is now pretty well-known and most players already got used to the big change. Players don't link to each other like they used to, and they now need chemistry points from their league, nation, and club – also, the position changes aren't the same for every player anymore. The positions are now specific for each player... Diogo Jota for example can play as ST, CF and LW, while in the last years he would've been able to play ST, CF, CAM, CM and CDM.

If a player isn't used in his preferred position in FIFA 23, he doesn't only get 0/3 chemistry points, he also doesn't count for other players' chemistry anymore. Even a striker who plays CF would get zero chemistry points. The right position is essential for chemistry in FIFA 23. During a Draft, you will obviously run into some trouble...

FUT Draft Update In FIFA 23

Exactly this “position problem” in combination with the overhauled chemistry system is the main point of criticism for many Draft players, because you can't apply position modifiers in FUT Draft. On top of that, even YouTubers, who play FUT Draft mode for content, complain about this issue.

Now, a lot is supposed to change in FUT Draft. TisiSchubech have posted a screenshot on Twitter... an employee (also known as "Laurin EA Youtube") was asked whether he had heard something about a change in the Draft mode. And... hurray, he confirmed that we will get a fix soon.


OMG the best message of the day
Timo (member of TisiSchubech):
Have you heard something about that? (referring to their video on the Draft)
Laurin EA Youtube:
Yes, it will be fixed soon
Date isn't 100% set yet

We don't know what this update looks like, yet. A release date also isn't set right now, but the improvements for FUT Draft will hopefully be implemented soon. Otherwise... TisiSchubech and other YouTubers... will probably release another video on YouTube.

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