The Next Big Esports Org Says Goodbye to Fortnite

Sad news for Fortnite Competitive: Become Legends is finally saying goodbye to the Battle Royale and parting ways with pros Kami, Setty and MrSavage.

Fortnite Become Legends Quit
Become Legends announced the departure of Fortnite. | © Become Legends

What's going on in Fortnite Competitive right now? After Sentinels and Team Vitality recently announced that they were leaving competitive Fortnite, Become Legends (BL) is now making the shocking announcement that they will no longer compete in Fortnite. The European team is considered one of the most innovative organizations out there, especially in Fortnite, and two of their pros, Setty and Kami, just took 1st place in the last FNCS Invitational, taking home a prize of $1M.

Become Legends is pulling out of Fortnite

BL say they want to take a "brand new direction" and next steps will be announced in the coming months. Members Setty, Kami and Jacob have already signed up as Free Agency members. MrSavage and Nebs are expected to follow suit with the announcement shortly.

Like other orgs, the team leaves the game due to lack of support. When a team as passionate and successful as BL can no longer justify investing in Fortnite, that's a massive red flag. If nothing changes, many other top organizations will likely exit in 2023 and very few players will be able to make a living from tournament earnings alone.

Yes, as we've written in one of our other articles, it's undoubtedly a sad moment for the Fortnite competitive scene. Epic and the Orgs urgently need to think of a new strategy if the competitive scene is to continue in Fortnite.

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