The end of an era: Sentinels say goodbye to Fortnite & Bugha

Esports team Sentinels are pulling out of Fortnite, which also means World Champion Bugha is no longer under contract. The end of a great era...

Bugha bids farewell to the Sentinels. | © Epic Games

It came as quite a surprise when Rob Moore, the CEO of Sentinels, suddenly posted a tweet on 12/28 that nobody expected.

Sentinels is retiring from Epic Games Battle Royale after so many years and disbanding its entire roster! According to the CEO, the main reason the organization abandoned Fortnite is the lack of opportunities to find sponsors through the game. So that means that Fortnite pros Bugha, Aspect and Zyfa are now free agents in the esports market.

Sentinels are retiring from Fortnite

The Sentinels say thank you to the players, especially Bugha, who brought home the Sentinels' first major championship by winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.

Bugha also thanked the organization for giving him an opportunity:

Today is my last day as SEN Bugha. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity over the last 3 years.
While this is the end of an era and memorable chapter of my career — this also starts an exciting new one in 2023.
Thank you, @sentinels

With a last, emotional YouTube video, the Sentinels once again expressly thank Bugha. No, the young esports player didn't just give them the world championship title. He's also won two Esports Awards and a Game Award while with the Sentinels, earned his own Fortnite skin, and had countless other achievements within Fortnite.

It's undoubtedly a sad moment for the competitive Fortnite scene as one of the Tier 1 teams is leaving the game due to a lack of support. We hope that the new year will bring us a lot of hope and are excited to see where Bugha's journey will lead, because at least the young esports athlete hasn't written off the game yet.