Fortnite Server Down: The Shockwave Hammer Returns to the Game

The Fortnite Shockwave Hammer was banned from the game! But now the servers are down and it will be back again.

Fortnite shockwave hammer disabled
The Shockwave Hammer is coming back to Fortnite! | © Epic Games

The Shockwave Hammer was recently officially banned from Fortnite Battle Royale! Unfortunately, the item was too buggy and the players used it, among other things, to farm infinite heal in a very short time. But don't worry. The OP-Hammer is coming back to the game!

Why Was The Shockwave Hammer Deactivated?

Most of you probably noticed, but the Shockwave Hammer, which debuted in Chapter 4, Season 1, allowed for an incredible number of bugs and glitches. For example, there was a bug that caused an infinite number of shockwaves to be released as soon as you touched the ground, even if the Shockwave Hammer wasn't used. A simple jump from one point to another triggered this attack, causing enemies to fly in random directions and taking heavy damage.

So Epic quickly decided to disable the item to fix it. *cough* Deku's smash *cough*.

Fortnite Server Down: The Shockwave Hammer Returns to the Game

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account published a post stating that they are taking a short downtime to install a patch that fixes several issues, including the Shockwave Hammer bugs.

We've never had that before in Fortnite history! But Epic knows how popular the item is, so they couldn't wait to fix it as soon as possible. The downtime won't last much longer than 2 hours, so you'll soon be able to get into the game as usual – and back to your Shockwave Hammer.

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