Is Breaking Bad coming to Fortnite?

New rumors keep popping up on the internet about a Fortnite x Breaking Bad crossover. But what is the probability that Will Walter, Jesse and Co. come to Fortnite?

Fortnite Breaking Bad Crossover
Come on, who wouldn't want a Breaking Bad crossover? | © hxzsh via Twitter

There are some series that live on in the hearts of fans long after the last episode has aired - and Breaking Bad is one of them.

It's not the first time fans have been teased and left waiting for information regarding a bizarre Breaking Bad and Fortnite collaboration. Although the Vince Gilligan series finale aired in 2013, the spinoff series Better Call Saul kept fans happy years later, recently ending its run back in August.

Because of this, the Breaking Bad fan base continues to grow, and some are hoping that the iconic characters from the series will come to Fortnite. But how high is the probability of that?

Will Walter White from Breaking Bad come to Fortnite?

There are tons of Breaking Bad Skin concepts created by Fortnite fans all over the internet. Some of them look incredibly real:

Epic Games even included Walter White as a possible upcoming skin in one of their past Fortnite skin polls. These surveys take place every few months. In fact, over time we've already been able to delist a few skins that have appeared in the game.

The battle royale has done similar crossovers with AMC series in the past, bringing Rick Grimes, Daryl, and Michonne from The Walking Dead to Fortnite, among others.

Unfortunately, while this proves that Epic Games has an ongoing collaboration with AMC, which is also home to the Breaking Bad universe, it doesn't yet confirm that there will be a crossover with the series. However, we cannot rule out the cooperation either. Fans will just have to keep hoping and voting for their favorite series once Epic releases the next Breaking Bad character skin poll.

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