Leak: Fortnite Chapter 3 Coming in December 2021

It looks like Fortnite Chapter 3 will be gracing us with its presence in December of this year. Well, according to a leak, at least.

Fortnite chapter 3
When will Fortnite Chapter 3 release? | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 is right around the corner, at least according to a recent leak in Update v18.40. This latest update introduces Naruto, but also includes a few files that suggest at an upcoming event playlist entitled "The End". Now, this could potentially mean nothing, but there's much more.

In fact, let's be real, leaks are games journalism at this point, so let's just shoot Hypex's Tweet into the limelight to help you understand what we're about to explain to you. After all, there's no need for real investigations when you have data-miners and faceless blokes on the internet who "really know what they're talking about".

Saltiness aside, Hypex theorises that Fortnite Chapter 3 will release on December 7. He also claims that the sources he have been speaking to "were NEVER wrong about many things", somehow contradicting himself within the same sentence. I think he probably means "were never wrong about things", but by saying "about many things" he is basically saying that they have been wrong in the past, and that they could potentially be wrong again.

Yet again, though, let's plop that solid chunk of sodium to one side and dive back into the substance of this leak. For one thing, Epic Games has been using a lot of odd wording in their press releases as of late, including a blog post that spoke of "the season that follows Season 8." Intriguing, isn't it?

Up until this most recent leak it has been entirely speculation that Chapter 3 could come this year, or indeed, in December. The files reveal a playlisted called "The End" which implies the end of Chapter 2. Now, Chapter 2 Season 8 ends on December 5, so it only makes sense that the next Season Update would occur on the following Tuesday, as they usually do.

Thus, we can probably expect the transition to Chapter 3 to occur on the Monday between December 5 and the following Tuesday (December 5 is a Sunday). The next Fortnite Chapter would then drop on Tuesday, December 7, or Wednesday, December 8, depending on who you talk to.

Hinting the same thing, the loading screen for the end of this season has also leaked, with the title reading "The Chapter 2 Finale". Wow, this is riveting stuff! We are, of course, expecting an end-of-season Fortnite Event around December 5, no matter whether it is the introduction of Chapter 3 or just Chapter 2, Season 9.

We also expect that said event will introduce a new Fortnite map, some brand new weapons, a new theme, and the next portion of the game's story. What we can't expect, though, is that said story will make sense, but that's fine. To be honest, we kind of love how wacky and bizarre Fortnite is, and we'd never want that to change.