Fortnite x Doctor Who Skin Leaked

According to the latest leaks, Epic Games is planning another major collaboration that will bring brand new Doctor Who content to Fortnite! And now the first skin has already been shown!

Fortnite Doktor Who Skins
Will we be getting a Fortnite x Doctor Who crossover soon? | © Epic Games

Fortnite and crossovers are nothing new. And it is also not new that the battle royale game brings characters from series and films to the island. For example, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead and Chief Hopper from Stranger Things have appeared in Fortnite. Now, it seems even characters from Doctor Who are coming to Fortnite!

Doctor Who Fortnite Skin Leaks

According to the well-known Fortnite leaker "FNBRintel", a collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who is "currently in the works". More precisely he writes:

EXCLUSIVE: Fortnite x Doctor Who A Collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who is currently in the works! However, it seems like it's early on in development, and probably won't be released for a few months! #Fortnite

And allegedly, according to leaker FNBRintel, the 15th Doctor has already been leaked:

However, this leak should be treated with caution.

iFireMonkey has also hinted that players will receive a FREE Beep the Meep spray based on the character from Doctor Who as an incentive to try out the creative map associated with this collaboration.

Epic Games has previously added content from the popular BBC sci-fi series in the form of a free spray theme and various creative maps. However, according to FNBRintel, Epic Games is said to be planning a full collaboration with Fortnite this time around, which might even be bigger than we think.

The good old doctor would definitely be a good fit given Fortnite's constant time travel and world-changing phenomena. It is not yet known exactly when the crossover will come after Fortnite. It is quite possible that the cooperation will only appear in Season 3 or maybe even later.

As soon as new details about the Fortnite x Doctor Who cooperation are known, we will of course update this article for you.

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