X-23 from the X-Men is in Fortnite!

A new Marvel skin is in Fortnite and it's none other than X-23 aka Laura Kinney from the X-Men. Here are all the details.

Fortnite X 23 Marvel Skin
Who wouldn't want to have this awesome heroine in Fortnite? | © Epic Games

The collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel could continue to grow in the future. While individual skins from the Marvel Universe appeared in the item shop in previous seasons, the world of Fortnite was even involved in the Nexus War in Chapter 2, Season 4. This was an event featuring characters and plots from various comics, films and TV series in the Marvel Universe!

But that was far from it! While back then the full Battle Pass consisted of Marvel characters, the collaboration continued and brought countless Marvel skins to the Fortnite Item Shop even after that; including some members of the X-Men. And now another member is to join: X-23.

X-23 Price & Cosmetics

X-23, also known as Laura Kinney, is a fairly popular Marvel character primarily associated with the X-Men. The character's first appearance was in February 2004 and she has appeared in both comics and television series. And now she's even in Fortnite! These are all cosmetics and prices:

Fortnite X-23
Free from The Facility, Laura Kinney — a.k.a. X-23 — is now free falling into battle. | © Epic Games
  • X-23 Pack (complete set): 1.900 V-Bucks
  • X-23 Outfit (Includes a maskless alt Style): 1.500 V-Bucks
  • Clone Pod Back Bling (Included with the X-23 Outfit)
  • X-23's Adamantium Claws Pickaxe: 800 V-Bucks
  • X Insignia Wrap: 500 V-Bucks

And that's it! Grab it before it disappears from the item shop again.

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