Fortnite: Where To Find All Goofy Gravestones

Another Fortnitemares quest is here and it requires you to read epitaphs from various goofy tombstones. We will show you how and where to complete the mission.

Read epitaphs from various goofy gravestones
We'll show you where the goofy gravestones are. | © Epic Games

The big Fortnitetmares Halloween event is back this year, and as always, there are a few challenges with juicy rewards. In one of these new quests you are supposed to read epitaphs from various so-called Goofy Gravestones. We'll show you where all the tombstones are.

All Goofy Gravestone Locations

The first step to completing this challenge is to find the Goofy Gravestones. You need to find and interact with exactly five of them to complete the task. Luckily there are 10 Goofy Gravestones in total on the island, so you can manage to complete the challenge in a single game. Here are all the silly tombstone locations:

alle albernen Grabsteine auf der Map
This is where all the silly tombstones on the map are located. | ©
  • Southeast corner of Shiny Sound
  • To the south of Chrome Crossroads
  • At the very southwest of the Reality Tree next to the beach party
  • East of Tilted Towers by the Minotaur Research Lab
  • To the west of Tilted Towers
  • At the Loot Lodge (The small island in Loot Lake)
  • 2 in the graveyard at Grim Gables
  • To the east of Greasy Grove

Once you've found a Goofy Gravestone, all you have to do is approach and interact with it. When you've done that 5 times, the challenge will be complete and you'll get 15k XP towards your Battle Pass!

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