Fortnite: How To Destroy Jack O' Lanterns with a ranged weapon

The Fortnitemares event is here, bringing not only new Halloween skins but also special quests to the island. One of these quests requires you to destroy jack-o'-lanterns with a ranged weapon. And we'll show you how.

Destroy jack-o'-lanterns with a ranged weapon
We show you how to destroy jack-o'-lanterns with a ranged weapon in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

The big Fortnitetmares Halloween event is back this year, and as always, there are a few challenges with juicy rewards. In one of these new quests, you're supposed to destroy jack-o-lanterns with a ranged weapon, and we'll show you where to find both things.

Where To Find Jack O' Lanterns in Fortnite

Jack-o'-lanterns have actually been found all over the island since the start of the Halloween event. As the name suggests, these are carved, glowing pumpkins, just like in real life.

Although the lanterns are scattered all over the map, there are a few locations that will make completing the challenge easier. We advise you not to land at a hotspot, but rather a little further away from it, so as not to be disturbed by enemy players on your mission. A good example of such places are Synapse Station, Fort Jonesy and Shiny Sound.

Once you've found the jack-o'-lanterns, it's important not to just destroy them with just any weapon. You need a ranged weapon for the job. Among them are:

We recommend the Cobra DMR for this job as it has a higher rate of fire than the other weapons. This weapon is in Fortnite's regular loot pool, meaning it can be found on the ground, in chests, supply drops, reality seedlings, fishing, and sharks.

Now, to fully complete the quest, all you have to do is find 5 jack-o'-lanterns and destroy them with the ranged weapon. When that's done, you'll get a fun zombie chicken spramote.