Fortnite: How to Find & Defeat Willow

With the Fortnitemares event, a new boss, Willow, also came to the Fortnite island. If you defeat them, not only will you get some nice loot, but you'll also complete a quest that will give you a bunch of XP. We show you where to find Willow's haunted place and how to defeat her.

Fortnite Willow
Fortnite: Won't you meet Willow in the night... | © Epic Games

Willow is a brand new boss in Fortnite introduced with the last Halloween update. This makes her the third boss this season alongside Herald and the Inkquisitor. Normally you shouldn't visit her, but a Fortnitetmares quest requires you to defeat her at Willow's Haunted Place...

Fortnite: Where To Find Willow's Haunted Place

So if you're brave enough, or just keen on the 15K XP, you'll need to find Willow's Haunted Place first.

You probably don't know this place yet, which is normal since it wasn't on the Fortnite map until recently. At least not under that name. Willow only took up residence in the small house north-west of the Reality Tree for the Halloween update. You can find the exact location on the map below.

Fortnite Willow's Haunted Place
Go to the spooky shack in the northwest of Reality Tree. | © Epic Games

Before you go to her, we advise you to equip yourself and loot a few chests so that you are not immediately defeated by her.

Once you have some weapons, head to the house and let the haunting begin.

How To Defeat Willow

Defeating Willow is easier said than done. The boss has a lot of life points and is extremely fast. Zombies and zombie chickens will also spawn near them. Luckily, she only beats you with a pickaxe and doesn't use guns. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate them. It's best to take on Willow with a full team. With four of you, you should be able to finish her quickly.

When defeated, it usually drops random healing stuff, items, and an epic or legendary weapon. So nice loot for in between. But more importantly, you'll get your hard-fought 15K XP.

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