Fortnite: Groovy Grove, Fungi Farm & The Glow Locations

For a Week 12 Fortnite Challenge, you will need to land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and then travel to The Glow. We'll show you where to find these weird places.

Fortnite Groovy Grove
What strange names in front of these Fortnite locations. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is slowly but surely coming to an end. It is all the more important to complete your Battle Pass in good time. Luckily there are weekly missions that can earn you a bunch of XP if you complete them. In week 12, one of these missions is:

Land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm during a match, then head to The Glow.

Actually a simple challenge. At least if you know where these places are located. Never heard of them? Don't worry, we'll show you the exact locations of the Crazy Forest, the Funghi Farm, and The Shining.

Groovy Grove, Fungi Farm & The Glow Locations

The locations are not marked on the Fortnite Map. As you roam through these areas, only the name of the location will briefly appear on your screen. But who pays much attention to that while fighting for their lives?

The Groovy Groove, Fungi Farm and The Glow are actually not that far apart. We have marked the locations for you on the map:

Funghi farm das Leuchten Fetziger Forst
You have to go on a little journey. | © Epic Games

As you can see on the Fortnite map, both Goovy Grove and Fungi Farm are on the western side of the map, with Groovy Grove being west of Reality Falls and Fungi Farm being southwest of Greasy Grove.

The Glow, on the other hand, is on the east side of Loot Lake, directly west of Coney Crossroads.

We recommend landing in one of the two western locations, gearing up, and then making your way directly to The Shining. The journey itself will not be the problem. However, it is quite possible that you will encounter opponents on your way. Then it's up to you whether you fight them or avoid them.

Anyway, this challenge will be completed automatically when you are near the locations.

Just try not to die. Then it should be easy to complete the quest and bag the 15,000 XP for your Battle Pass. good luck out there

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