Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren Collaboration: Everything We Know

Dataminers revealed that another Fortnite crossover with a clothing brand is right around the corner, this time featuring Polo Ralph Lauren.

polo fortnite
You'll be able to dress in style! I ©Epic Games

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers of all kinds. Just to name a few recent examples, characters from diverse intelectual properties like Ash Williams from the Evil Dead, Spider-Gwen from Marvel, and even Dragon Ball icons have made it to the island.

Even clothing brands are part of Fortnite, who can't forget the Balenciaga collaboration? Now, a new one will join the world of Epic Games' battle royale - Polo Ralph Lauren.

Fortnite x Polo Ralph Lauren Crossover - Release Date & Skins

While we don't have a concrete information about a release window, we do have a look at the collaboration thanks to several prominent Fortnite leakers, including HYPEX.

Another dataminer, Shiina, mentions that players who are interested in acquiring some real-life Polo Ralph Lauren drip they'll be eligible to earn a free Fortnite x Ralph Lauren poster when they purchase clothes from their stores.

For those unaware, Polo is Ralph Lauren's first complete line of sportswear and tailored clothing launched in 1967. It's perhaps their most popular and iconic clothing brand within the company, as Ralph Lauren's famous logo is exactly that, a Polo player.

Speaking of the logo, the leak also revealed that a special version of the logo will feature Fortnite's llama, who'll replace the polo pony from the original Polo Ralph Lauren logo. Take a look at down below:

Pretty cool right? We honestly can't wait to use these nice fits while third-partying unsuspected and dripless squads in either battle royale or zero build mode. As always, once we know more information about the collab, we'll let you know immediately.

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