Fortnite Resistance "Week 5" Quests: Daily Rubble POI

The Fortnite Resistance "Week 5" quests are here, and the 2nd quest requires you to establish a device link, and collect a hard drive from the Daily Rubble. We'll show you how it's done.
Fortnite Daily Rubble Location Guide
What are the IO planning... | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3, Seasosn 2 is in full swing, bringing with it both the Prowler and some map changes. And of course, there are also some Resistance tasks in week 5 that need to be completed to advance the Fortnite story and collect some XP for the Battle Pass.

The 2nd quest of the Fortnite Resistance Week 5 assignments is divided into two phases, and we will show you how to complete them.

Stage 1: Establish A Device Link Near The Daily Rubble

In week 5, you need to establish a device link to monitor IO communications. To do this, you need to head to the new POI "Daily Rubble". The ship has crashed after the fight between the IO and the Resistance at The Daily Bugle, and is now in the sea, east of the map.

Fortnite daily rubble
Here's where to find the ship! | © Epic Games

You can find the device links in the following three locations outside the airship:

Fortnite geräteverbindung
Here are the device locations! | © Epic Games

Just head to any of these three locations and walk over them. And done. Phase 1 is complete!

Stage 2: Collect A Hard Drive From Daily Rubble

Once phase 1 is complete, phase 2 of the challenge begins. Now you need to collect a hard drive from the Daily Rubble. If there is no boat nearby, jump into the water and swim to it. There are two hard drives on the airship, in the following locations:

Daily rubble fn location
Best of luck! | © Epic Games

This time, you have to interact with the hard drive to collect it. When that's done, you've made it. The 2nd quest of the 5th week is done. Both challenges will each award you with 23K XP towards your Battle Pass, so what are you waiting for?