Fortnite Leak: We'll be skateboarding soon!

According to the latest Fortnite leaks, we should soon be able to skateboard across the map! Here's everything you need to know.

Fortnite Skate Leak
Skateboards in Fortnite? | © Epic Games

With the release of the recent v21.10 update, a lot of new exciting stuff was added to the battle royale, including new Naruto skins, Darth Vader's lightsaber, the Nindo quests, and the Island Hopper challenges.

One more thing that was added was the Baller, an exciting way to traverse the map as it came accompanied by a set of tracks. If recent leaks are to be believed, a new means of transportation might be coming to Fortnite during Chapter Season 3 soon: skateboards!

Skateboards for Chapter 3 leaked

The Fortnite veterans among you probably still remember the hoverboards that you used to jet across the map in Chapter 1. These were a very popular way to traverse the entire island. They were fast, fun to drive, but not too OP as you could easily get shot down on them.

While the hoverboards won't be returning, something similar to Fortnite that looks more like a skateboard should be coming soon.

The leaks are once again reported by our good friend HYPEX, who claims that Epic has just started developing a skating feature that is comparable to the slide mechanic already in the game. Going uphill is slower, while going downhill is faster.

Another leaker has even already posted a video of what skating in Fortnite might look like:

In the video, the player can clearly be seen gliding without crouching and moving more slowly when going up.

In addition, the player appears to be kicking their feet against the board to progress faster and can jump from great heights without suffering fall damage.

Of course, you can clearly see in the clip that the skateboarding mechanics are still in need of development. Epic doesn't shy away from adding new and fun features to the battle royale, so we expect skateboarding to become a mainstay in Fortnite sooner rather than later.