The Wu-Tang Clan Are Coming To Fortnite

Multiple Fortnite leakers have now corroborated a leak that claims one of the most influential hip hop groups of all time is coming to Fortnite. Here's what we know so far.
Wu Tang Clan Fortnite
The most ambitious crossover yet... | © Epic Games / Wu-Tang Clan

Chapter 3, Season 2 is well underway, and so far we've had a ton of new content. Not to mention the crazy IO vs. the Resistance storyline. But even if Epic had been slow on pumping out content, there's one aspect of the game they seem to be constantly working on: crossovers.

Not one other game in the history of the industry has come close to the amount of crossovers that Fortnite does. If you're a fan of something, there's a very strong chance you can find a representation of that thing to play as in Fortnite. Well, as long as your interests align with the core demographic (8-18 year olds). But what if you're into old-school hip-hop? That's surely too ambitious even for Fortnite? Well, apparently not.

[UPDATE: 22.04.2022]

The leaks are no longer leaks, because Epic has officially confirmed the crossover in an official blog entry!
One of the most influential hip-hop bands of all time, Wu-Tang Clan bring their style to the island of Fortnite. Starting April 24, 2022 at 02:00 CEST, you can find a variety of Wu Wear items in the Item Shop, including new outfits, back blings, pickaxes, and more. In celebration of this new content in Fortnite, Wu-Tang are treating you to a full Fortnite x Wu-Tang collection!

Wu-Tang Clan Cosmetics

The "Wu Wear" set includes two outfits, each with several matching items. And if you don't want to cover your character's head, you can change any outfit to the no-hat style.

Here is a list of all the cosmetics:
Wu tang clan fortnite
Become a member of the Wu-Tang Clan yourself! | © Epic Games
  • Outfit: Throwback B.G.
  • Back Bling: Wu Wear + Wu-Tang Classic
  • Outfit: Ol’ Dirty Bomber
  • Back Bling: Wu-Tang Symbol + Ruckus Red
  • Pickaxe: Neck Protector Pickaxe + Ruckus Red
  • Hand Glider: Shimmy-Surfer + Ruckus Red
  • Wrap: Wu Wrap
  • Emote: Wu-Tang Forever
  • Emoticon: Wu-Tang Hand Sign
  • Loading Screen: Wu-Tang Style
  • Spray: Wu-Boombox
  • Banner: Wu-Tang Clan Banner

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Hip-Hop Group Coming To Fortnite

An infamous Fortnite leaker called ShiinaBR recently revealed to the world that "one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time" was joining Fortnite this week (April 20-27). Many other Fortnite leakers corroborated this, although Shiina only leaked exactly which hip-hop group he was talking about a few hours later. ShiinaBR thinks it's the Wu-Tang Clan:

We really hope they're right. The Wu-Tang Clan would be hilariously out of place in the cotton-candy world of Fortnite. But maybe by better understanding the mystery of chessboxing we can secure more victory royales?

Well that's certainly something to look forward to, until then, have you made sure to get this week's challenge completed for the Resistance?