This Huge AAA, Open-World Multiplayer Game Sounds Amazing

A new AAA open-world multiplayer RPG is in the works, and, already, the game is drawing Genshin Impact comparisons.

Gameloft RPG
Not official art, but cool art. | © Ian Anderson

You saw it in the headline, and the intro paragraph, but screw it, I gotta repeat: A Triple-A multiplayer open-world RPG? Where have I heard that combination before? Oh, that's right, only Genshin Impact pulled this off succesfully, and... 'succesfully' doesn't even cut it for that game. Now, Gameloft, the developer behind Disney Dreamlight Valley wants to tackle the task with their own game.

What Is This Open-World Multiplayer RPG?

Open-world RPGs with multiplayer elements are every bromance's dream, but it hardly ever works out the way we all envision it. So... when we do get another crack at dreaming, with new announcements... we dream big. In Gameloft's own words, this upcoming project is a "highly ambitious unannounced AAA open-world multiplayer PC/console game based on Unreal Engine."

The game was announced/leaked via a job listing looking for a senior game designer.

Gameloft is seeking a Game Designer with the expertise to make key contributions to a highly ambitious unannounced open world PC / console title.

Will the game also make use of the Disney IP that Gameloft must already have some freedom to use? It's unlikely, but it'd certainly be cool. Sooner or later, some devs are going to deliver that Breath of the Wild/Skyrim/Ghost of Tsushima co-op experience that every gamer's been dreaming of, and when they do... it's gonna hit big. Maybe Gameloft are going to be the one's to do it. We're certainly gonna have our eyes on this one