Huge Assassin’s Creed Infinity Leak: Infinity Will Reboot Series

Assassin's Creed Infinity is Ubisoft's first live-service entry in the long-running franchise, and now, we finally get some insight into what to expect from the game: A series-reboot.

Assassin's Creed Infinity Leaks
So... are they going for infinite characters? | © Ubisoft

We wrote about Assassin's Creed Infinity in the past, but now we seem to finally be getting a real grasp on what the game is about. This one is coming in hot from 4Chan, so take this with your usual recommended dosage of salt, but according to the leak, Assassin's Creed Infinity must be well along its development, because we got some significant tidbits of info:

  • AC Infinity will launch with 3 cities
  • The cities are the capitols of the 16th century Islamic gunpowder empires
  • More cities and locations will be added to the game continuously
  • All added cities and locations will be for free – Infinity is a live-service game
  • Assassin's Creed Infinity will reboot the series

Now, we knew a lot of that already, but the fact that AC Infinity is, allegedly, a reboot of the series is quite interesting, particularly when you get into the details of how it will reboot the series: Most of the defining moments will remain untouched, but events that are generally disliked by the AC fan base, as well as things within the storyline that are conflicting, will be entirely removed from the new continuity that Assassin's Creed Infinity will introduce.

Interestingly, another leaker from Reddit mentioned some similar themes in his Reddit post 21 days ago. Here's what that leaker had to say:

Though in the early stages of conceptualization and development Assassins Creed Infinity is in a solid enough state that I can confidently describe what shape the game will take. Infinity is inspired by the Helix from Unity. Each entry will be a small linear experience with semi-open world levels like the Hitman games and each assassin's story will feature multiple missions. Ubisoft is also planning to remake and retell older Assassins Creed games in Infinity. It is still too early to determine what older games if any will be retold. Lastly, a new story will be added over time for an additional cost. Open-world Assassins Creed will be developed at the same time as Infinity.

With the newer 4Chan leak echoing this slightly older Reddit post, it sure does seem like some of these things are more of a certainty than an uncertainty, and we can look forward to quite the shake up for the Assassin's Creed franchise. Interestingly, Ubisoft seems to also be taking a similar approach to the upcoming Far Cry 7, which is said to be a live-service game as well.