Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft Sells Ezio's Soul

Ubisoft has announced they will sell the Digital Souls of Assassin's Creed characters, like the one – and especially the one – of Ezio.

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No Assassin's Creed character had so much soul as Ezio. | © Ubisoft

We've brought him to life, stood with him, as he lost everything. We watched him grow up from the cocky 17-year-old into the man who isn't granted a rest and who finds it harder with every passing year to scale walls and climb roofs. We helped him to rebuild the Brotherhood and accompanied him to new shores. Now Absterg- I mean, Ubisoft wants to sell his soul.

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Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft Sells Collectibles With A Twist

The company announced they'll sell a digital version of Ezios soul along with a physical collectible. The so-called Smart Collectibles consist of a 3D-printed model of Ezio in a cube, authenticated by an NFC tag. If you get a Digital Soul (yep, that's how they call it) on launch day, you'll be able to customize it. So you can choose outfit and weapons of your tiny Ezio before this unique collectible will be printed and shipped to you.

While there's no information about price or launch date yet many fans are wondering what to do with that Digital Soul. For the cube, sure, put it on the shelf just like with every other Ezio figurine. But whether the customized digital version of Ezio will have some kind of... use is unclear. A few fans are speculating if the digital copy will be implemented in the game to play as their Digital Soul.

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There are also some that are, let's say, a little bit skeptical about the concept of digital collectibles as NFTs. Most of the time they're insanely high-priced and don't offer much more as the knowledge of possessing them. The customized cube adds a physical component to it, but if this concept will succeed can't be said right now.

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