Major War Shooter Gets Delayed

Company of Heroes 3 got hit with the delay hammer. We have the why and the new release date.

Company of Heroes 3 delayed
Honestly, the Company of Heroes artwork isn't all that. You're better off with this. | © Thanh Tran

Company of Heroes 3 is the latest highly anticipated game that got hit with a delay. Sega and Relic Games announced that the are no longer going to release the game on November 17, as was originally planned. The new release date is not all that far away though, so let's hope this short delay is due to the game needing extra polish, and not because it's got issues. But... let's read the official reason given to us by the devs themselves.

Company of Heroes 3 Delayed

As we approach the November 17th launch for Company of Heroes 3, our team has decided the game is not quite up to our players’ or our own high standards. There are still bugs to squash, pixels to polish, gameplay to adjust, and feedback to address. As a result, we’ve decided to move the launch date to February 23, 2023. While we know many of you are itching to get your hands on the game, we believe this to be the best decision for CoH3, our players, and our studio. This provides our hard-working team and partners with the necessary time to deliver CoH3 in a better overall state.

Does to sound good to you, or does it have you worried, because I gotta be honest here: Gameplay to adjust and bugs to squash? A month before the game was meant to be released? If they couldn't get it done in a month, I wonder if 2 extra months of time are we really gonna make a significant difference here. I gotta play devil's advocate on this one and claim that this delay is not a good sign. But hey... Company of Heroes will be fully moddable, so if the devs screw the game up... the players are usually more than happy to lend a helping hand. Plus, there's always Modern Warfare 2 on the horizon... not... that... that's even remotely similar to Company of Heroes 3...