PlayStation Reveals Good & Bad News on Future PC Ports

Sony announced how they are going to handle future PC-ports of its exclusive games. PC gamers... prepare to wait.

Sony playstation live service games
Get ready to seeing this more frequently on PC. | © Sony

So the term exclusive has long lost its meaning, right? Sony seems to agree, because they are now officially planning to bring all of their major IPs to the PC. While it's definitely less romantic, I totally get it: More players means more money, and, as gamers, we should be happy about our kin getting to experience the Sony greatness, regardless of which system one owns. But... there is a but...

PC Players Have to Wait 1 Year for PlayStation Games

There, you read the headline, but allow me to repeat: If you're merrily gaming away on your mouse and keyboard, you'll have to wait 1 whole year until you can mouse & keyboard your way through future PlayStation games. At least... that is the case for single-player games. The live-service games, which Sony is looking to emphasize more and more, will be released simultaneously.

It only makes sense too, because live-service games obviously need a strong community, engagement and playerbase, so splitting all of that with delayed releases... it wouldn't work in Sony's favor. Currently, we don't know what live-service games to expect from Sony, but rumor has it that a Horizon mutliplayer-standalone is on the... horizon. Also, the The Last of Us multiplayer is a likely candidate for live-service.