Sony Promises New Franchises & More Live-Service Games

Sony has clarified what the future of PlayStation will look like: More live-service games than ever before.

Sony live service games
Just some cool art that's better than a Sony logo. | © Alex Gonzales

So, Sony said that, in the future, PlayStation will have more live-service games, which... is not surprising. The live-service model is by far more cost-effective than releasing sequels, and players that are deeply invested are far less likely to abandon ship. Honestly, League of Legends and Fortnite are doing so well with the live-service model, that I'm surprised not everybody's doing it, but it turns out... Sony wants a piece of that live-service-pie.

Sony Will Release More Live-Service Games

Now, I know what you're thinking: Live-service screams multiplayer, and you're worried about the good old single-player goodness that the PlayStation is known for. Well... worry not brother/sister/whatever, because the Sony head promised that single-player, narrative-driven games will still be as important as ever.

So with that sigh of relief out of the way, let's get to the juicy part: Sony has greenlit 12 live-service projects, 10 of which will be launched by March 2026. That's wild, and Sony credits its acquisition of Bungie as a major reason as to why they are so confident in being able to achieve that. As for what games we can expect - it's said to be a mix of new IPs and known franchises. In fact of the overall 25 new titles that are in development, about half are entirely new titles.

As for which existing games will get the live-service treatment... we have no idea. It was recently revealed that the Horizon franchise is dipping its toe into multiplayer, so that's a likely candidate, as is The Last of Us which has a standalone multiplayer coming out in the near future.